Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Toothbrush

I have this habit of arranging the toothbrushes in the toilet accordingly. I have this toothbrush holder that has 3 holes. One is meant for my razor, second is meant for my toothbrush, and third is meant for my housemate's toothbrush. I like it when all three items face in one direction. I dont allow any sharing of hole's as each space is meant for 1 item. My housemate has this habit of just stacking his brush anywhere he likes it or best described 'convenient' to him. EVERYTIME when im in the toilet to brush my teeth in the morning or before i go to bed, i would have to arrange them back to its original position. And EVERYTIME, it gives me a pain in the head..

Have u ever thot that ur brushes are dirty? as they are exposed for so long in a toilet thats damp & the humidity is high, thus can be a place for germs to party? I have thots to dip my toothbrush in hot boiling water everytime before i use them. I think its a good way to kill whatever germs around it. I have this plan in my head, but never tried to realized it.