Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Flashing Sushi..

Yesterday when i was at home, i encountered a porn DVD that i tried to watch long time ago but couldnt get it to work. I then give it a try again..and..boom! the show was on..the title was "Locker Room Fantasy"..the movie was about college gym guys locker room, where a hidden camera was installed at a very strategic location. i could see all the guys walking around naked with their manly lump hanging and chit chatting with each other. IT WAS A MAJOR TURN ON to watch these guys. and most important of all..they're all STRAIGHT college dudes.. Also, going thru my 'secret box' of lust, i couldnt help but laugh at all the collections i had in my keepings for years and all dusty..They're all named after famous movies but 'porn'ified it. some of the titles like Lets Tie Tan Nick (Titanic), When Harry Met Larry (When Harry Met Sally), Saving Ryan's Private (Saving Private Ryan), The ASSistant ANALyst (The Analyst), Armed-And-Get-Down(Armageddon), In De Pants Day (Independance Day), and the list goes.

Referring to the movie bout locker room guys, the thing is, its fine for them to walk around naked in the shower or even shower together. staight men here we're talking about. The guys were all casual, cool and comfortable in their skin, flashing and swinging their dicks all over the locker room. NON of them experienced a hard on. if i were in the group, my dick would be pointing upwards, but none of them were. that's the difference my dear.. The culture in malaysia or mostly asian countries are not like that. we are more sopan i suppose. its like rude to flash ur dicks..anyway..

I experience many occasions at my work place where some of my office colleague perform a 'flash dance' routine in the mensroom..there was once, my colleague was peeing in the urinal. i was washing my hands at the sink. he was talking to me while he was on the go. as he turned, i assume he was done and all zipped up..but instead..he's 'stuart little' was still 'intact' instead of 'hanging' and made his way to the sink. i pretended not to look at it, but i couldn't help it when he turned his body facing me and 'washing' it while still talking to me.

At a mere 5 seconds i experience the view of his manhood with all the messy pubic hair sticking out of his undies and so called surrounding his manhood like a california roll sushi..i quickly change my eyesight direction and concentrate by looking straight to his eyes while talking and my mind couldnt be more disturbed of the inappropriateness at what he's doing while talking to me. I just had to end our 'conversation' and quickly fled out the mensroom. i couldnt concentrate on work that day coz the california roll sushi image was still in my mind.

Worse, that was not the only time i experience it with him, but FOUR TIMES...i thot his behavior was unacceptable and very disgusting and kinda perverted. Referring to the first story about that porn i was watching, actually..its normal..well, its not exactly porn..its watching what guys do in the locker room. But is it normal for our culture to perform such act to other employees especially? am i being too rigid and not 'open' about it? then again..i think its fine..except the fact that his manhood is just...stuart little having a california roll sushi..yukkk..