Friday, February 29, 2008

The Iron Man Trailer

Iron Man kicks off on May 2nd with lead roles by Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vertu Mobile Phones

IF YOU can spend $20,000 on a watch, why not on a mobile phone? That is the idea behind Vertu, which describes itself as “the first luxury communication company”. Its stylish handset—the company prefers to call it an “instrument”—features a sapphire-crystal screen and ruby bearings, and is available in stainless steel, gold and platinum finishes, with prices ranging from RM 16,000 to RM 66,000. Since its launch, the phone—sorry, instrument—has become a celebrity favourite. Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, was the first customer. Madonna and Mariah Carey are said to be Vertu fans; another singer, Jennifer Lopez, is reported to own three. Vertu is the brainchild of Frank Nuovo, a design guru at Nokia, the world's largest handset-maker, of which Vertu is a subsidiary. But is there really a big enough market for luxury phones? U sell one Vertu is equivalent to 50-100 other chepo Nokia's of ours.

Check out at Vertu websites to study the models & work your ass off for this piece of gadget.

Acca Kappa Manicure Set

Acca Kappa was once the brand of royalty back in the day when it came to mens grooming and nail products. Now it is available for all to bask in their luxurious glory.This handsome manicure set is designed so that these elegant instruments for care and hygiene are proudly displayed within easy reach and ready for use. The set is turned from wenge, which is polished with beeswax to enhance the wood grain. A genuine wooden design, that just adds to the aristocrat appeal people seek out. Gentlemen, this Manicure Set is a must have for your convenience. There's a store open now in KLCC.


Its a gentleman's way of storage..simple..clean..

Technology may have made man more efficient, but all of those gadgets have wreaked havoc on his dresser top. This chestnut-finished valet has room for your watch, wallet and cuff links, as well as cord cutouts to accommodate your phone, iPod and PDA. Gentleman style..

Skull and Crossbones Tumblers

Im just into anything thats black & shiny. Anything monochromatic. It represents luxury & sexiness for me..

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupé

Rolls-Royce has always been about pace, performance and style - and embodies a luxury lifestyle, a synonym for everyone all over the world. Rolls-Royce announced the new Phantom Coupé which follows in the footsteps of the new Drophead Coupé, which is a convertible version of the Phantom. In facts that means 6.75-liter V12 that produces 453 horsepower, 531 pound-feet of torque, a 25 percent increase in fuel capacity, compared to the Drophead Coupé, a hand-made lightweight unibody chassis and rear-hinged coach doors. According to the automaker, this large driver-oriented grand tourer is the most torsionally rigid Rolls-Royce ever. Well, that sounds like a Rolls to life for, a driver-oriented luxurious tank. Gentleman style..

Bamboo Bath Accessories

What does a well designed bath need - yes, a seamless interior. A part of it might be this eco-friendly bamboo Bath Accessories Set which glows with a warm, natural finish. Each richly grained piece is beautifully crafted with clean, classic lines and will add an indulgent spa quality to the bath.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Videos

Touch My Body - Mariah's new single, her album E=MC2 releasing soon

Feedback - Janet's new single

Prada Movie: Trembled Blossoms Spring-Summer 2008

Prada recently released a new animated movie called “Trembled Blossoms” featuring pieces from her spring/summer 2008 collection. The characters and the storyline was conceived by Miuccia Prada herself. Its a beautiful animation..of how she came up with her Spring Summer 08 collections.

Gentleman's Kitchen

Manly men who love to cook: here comes the kitchen of your dreams. That's the idea anyway behind Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl's new "man's kitchen" (there's no official name yet). It's been created and crafted with the male cook in mind, which apparently means modern and sleek monochromatic stying complete with details like no-handle cabinets, high-tech audiovisual system and aluminum-finished everything.

Shower Lights

Shower in style..with LED lights lay above the shower heads creating a fabulous effect.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Most Expensive Store For Men

Located at 420 Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills sits The House Of Bijan boutique, the most expensive store in the world. After researching this "fact" it appears to remain unchallenged and accepted, apparently no other stores are vying for the title. From the outside the Bijan boutique is exquisite yet slightly uninviting. The names of some of Mr. Bijan's well-known clients are engraved on the front window of the boutique and an appointment is the only way to gain access into this exclusive world, where a pair of socks will cost you RM150. A suit, RM165,000. In 1981, Bijan created the first perfume for men, the 6 oz. bottle is now priced at RM10,000. The Bijan perfume bottle is a featured exhibit at the Smithsonian! Mr. Bijan's exclusive designs now include suits, shirts, ties, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and watches, briefcases, luggage and, of course, fragrances.

Monday, February 25, 2008

USD 1 Billion Home

What an ugly looking condo

What would you do if your net worth were $22 billion? If you were Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, you might build yourself the world's most expensive home. As designed by Chicago architecture firm Perkins + Will, the in-progress glass-tower is estimated at $1 billion and is known to feature, at the least, a health club, multiple "safe" rooms, 3 helipads, 168 parking spaces and require 600 servants to maintain, and physically, the structure stands at 27 stories, or 570 feet tall.

It consist of:

Six floors for parking
The first six floors — which have come up — will be reserved for parking alone, and that too for cars belonging only to Mukesh’s family. Space for a total of 168 ‘imported’ cars has been earmarked here.

Floor for car maintenance
Sources said the Ambanis would prefer to have all their cars serviced and maintained at an in-house service centre. This centre will be set up on the seventh floor.

Entertainment floor
The eighth floor will have an entertainment centre comprising a mini-theatre with a seating capacity of 50.

Balconies with gardens
The rooftop of the mini-theatre will serve as a garden, and immediately above that, three more balconies with terrace gardens will be independent floors.

The ‘health’ floors
While the ninth floor will a ‘refuge’ floor — meant to be used for rescue in emergencies — two floors above that will be set aside for ‘health.’ One of these will have facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, while the other will have a health club complete with the latest gym equipment.

For guests
There will be a two-storeyed glass-fronted apartment for the Ambani family’s guests above the health floors. One more refuge floor and one floor for mechanical works will be built on top of these apartments.

The four floors at the top, that will provide a view of the Arabian Sea and a superb view of the city’s skyline, will be for Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their three children and Mukesh’s mother Kokilaben.

Air space floor
According to the plan, two floors above the family’s residence will be set aside as maintenance areas, and on top of that will be an “air space floor,” which will act as a control room for helicopters landing on the helipad above.

The plan states that three helipads are to be built on the terrace.

The place will require 600 full time staff to keep it running on a day to day basis!

This fucking ugly home is equivalent to incomes of 1.5 million average workers in India and worth more then their annual GDP. With India facing poverty & many poor underfed children, his house is in the center of the poor. What a stupid way to live your life..

I would build it on a BIG piece of land and have water fountains & have my own private sea or island..instead of this piece of stupid.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

World's Cheapest Car

This car was in the news sometime ago..Its the cheapest car in the world produced by Tata Motors of India. It cost cheaper than a Louis Vuitton luggage my frens..retail at RM8,300 only. SERIOUSLY. If this car enters Malaysian market, every tom, dick & harry would be driving. Nobody would take the LRT anymore and u can say goodbye to our not so proud Proton & competitor PeroDua. Once these babies are out, all other middle range cars will face a drop in sales. Face it, people want things that are god damn bloody stinking cheap that has half of the same functions. But most importantly, it can take you from one point to another, without killing your finances.

Uhm..i dont see the difference between Standard & Luxury here..Extra tires probably?

Ok..a car or this luggage bag?

Room In A Box

Care to carry your entire room furniture with you wherever you go? Casulo is really a magic box, you will find a desk, a bed, a mattress, an armoire, a height-adjustable stool, a six-shelf bookcase. Designed by Marcel Krings and Sebastion Mühlhäuser, casulo is a ready furnitures package for an apartment, very smart modular setup design. With this perfect solution for frequent movers or small space dwellers, no wonder casulo won the “Abraham & David Roentgen Award” in November 2007.

The mechanism:

Cool eh?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chanel Concept Phone

Chanel Concept Phone, as designed by Fred de Garilhe

Its more for the ladies..

Fred de Garilhe, the designer of this concept phone wanted the global aspect not to look like a phone, more like a make up package. When the phone is closed, it looks like a chocolate piece, but made from white, black, or yellow gold surface, always the same goal on presenting popular objects in a luxury style.

This Chanel Choco fashionable mobile phone concept works by integrating an optical fiber system that display image between two glass parts. There are 12 micro lighter fibers, that throw image components to the glass, that offer a quite good luminosity, and keep the mobile phone concept as light as possible.All lights only appear when you open the phone, by pushing removable part on the side of it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

House On Fire

Last weekend was a sad weekend for my office mate, Nini..She was at her hometown when her house caught fire. The entire wet kitchen got burnt down. She just moved in her new condo & exactly 1 month after this tragedy came about. The last time i was at her place was during her renovation works (a month back) as she requested a quantity surveyor's expertise (thats me) to monitor & she had some claims dispute with the contractor & i was there as the mediator.

Also, through out my entire 4 years working in construction, being in her 950 sq ft condo was the FIRST EVER EXPERIENCE i was ALL DIRTY. My jeans was smothered with god knows white chalk like dust from the plastering, my Prada shoes were hardly visible and moulded with god knows what substance on the floor. I not only was FORCED to put a jacket on as she thought my shirt was TOO TIGHT and not serious enuff to frightened the contractor. I was practically SWEATING my hairless armpit out in that biker jacket, so that i would look more "SERIOUS" & "BUTCH LIKE". What a biatch. are the captions this afternoon when i was at the scene to assist her with the umbrella like hair insurance guy..

The wet kitchen view from the corridoor

Since she wasnt home, the security guard had to break into her unit through the balcony and broke her sliding door glass to stop the fire

Her new RM1,000 washing machine was burnt

The toilet window facing the wet kitchen & the drying rail

Her kitchen sink & cooking place

I have my deepest sympathy for her and her loss. Dont worry Nini, the umbrella haired insurance guy will get u compensated accordingly and get you to replace your losses.

Since her house was a big mess, me being me, polite & sick, i couldnt help it but to enjoy by volunteering to swipe the broken glasses off the floor. Then i got turned off when i was handed this item to perform the task im obsessed of doing.

On gods earth what the hell is this freaking thing Nini?? Is that some old mens tupe or wig sewned on a stick coz it seems to be parted in the center!? Or do you use it to fly to work or perform some witchcraft?? SERIOUSLY..get a bloody broom! why didnt it get burnt!!!
Im dissapointed. Being frens with me have taught u nothing.

*oh..and im sorry for your loss..again..*

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Boss

Dear Boss,
I know that u have evaluated my performance well and im so happy about it. The longkang secretary of ours, Yati, has showed me the KPI (Key Performance Index) results when im not even supposed to know or look at it, and im wishing that the promotion mentioned before will come true. I so need the pay raise so badly and here are the things i promise..if i do get the promotion and the pay raise i wanted..
  • I promise to come to work at 8.30am sharp instead of still figuring what to wear at that hour.
  • I promise to have lunch between 1pm-2pm instead of 12pm-2.30pm.
  • I promise to not overdress to work and make u look like a junior exec & make me look like the company Director.
  • I promise to not fight about my parking claims and trouble you to force approve them when contractually im not liable for it.
  • I promise to come back to the office after meetings outside the office, eventho it ends at 2pm and not head straight back home and watch tv.
  • I promise to start my day at 9am latest (with no breakfast) and not 12pm as i do now.
  • I promise not to claim all my outings to KLCC parking to the company as i know u have no clue that i do this.
  • I promise not to blog or surf the net or chat with my best buddies on YM/MSN more then i do my work.
  • I promise not to download anymore songs on Limewire & get the whole office server spoilt from some unknown virus that i dont even know of and that u dont even know it was me who did it.
  • I promise not to lie to you about going out meetings whereas i was at some boutique openings at Pavilion and scouting on Spring Summer 08' arrivals.
  • I also promise not to watch Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives DVD at work when u think i was bz thinking and having such weird face expression or giggling alone probably to cool of my mind of work.

With all this sacrifices, i am asking your generous self to offer me the RM1,000 increment that i ask for with 2 months bonus to cover my ever long high maintenance credit card that will take ages to settle.

With my new condo coming up soon, i also have no more credit to splurge on anything fancy at all. As u know already, im a good worker..i perform, im disciplined, & i have beauty & looks (brains comes in second) that is important for the company as i tend to get people to think we are a smart working office..its alot of work u know to get up everyday to think of what to wear daily. It requires heavy thinking. I also need to get that 32 inch LCD TV to relax my mind after hard days at work and continue on performing my task tremendously the next day at work.

Anyway, thats all i want..i shall wait for the results..i wont dissapoint you! Please appreciate all the hard work i do for the office.

Your best dressed worker,


How Luxury Lost Its Luster

Its a book written by Dana Thomas. This book has been published quite sometime and i have been longing to read this 'all exposed' book about the fashion world. How they came about and how we are all stupid consumers who pay RM 2,500 for a pair of 'Made In Italy' made shoes only to know the origins was 'Made in Vietnam'.

Also insights on how the fake industry is so good now that they actually use the same material & stitchings as their original counterparts in Italy. Is it still called a fake? Even the originals are faking their Made In Italy's whereas their manufactured in Vietnam. Same material, same workmanships, and many more inside stories all in this book.

How do you describe luxury when anybody can afford it these days? mark up the prices to get a smaller group to earn them? My recommendation for pleasure reading and get points.

Will & Grace

U wanna know what can stop me from loitering around malls & wasting money on parking & expensive coffee seassions? Some of you might enjoy watching Sex & The City, The Soprano's, Lost, Grey's Anatomy or any other hit tv drama series..but my obsession are for these series..that i can watch over & over & over & over & over again without boredom..the humor gets to me..EVERYTIME..sadly it came to an the eighth's season..

My complete DVD's..

Dear taukeh DVD at hartamas, please hurry with my order for this final season DVD's..It has been released so long ago already..why u so slooowwwww...

The final season..season 8..*sob* *sob*