Friday, June 27, 2008

Ralph Lauren Cigar Holder

Gentleman Style - Emile Hirsch

Beauty & The Beast The Musical

The costumes were bit disappointed. The sound system was also poor. I was highly disturbed during the first part before intermission due to a noise coming from this annoying teenage girl who sat next to me and 'giggled' at every 5 minutes. She wasn't giggling, more to screaming..

She just reminded me the reason i dont go movies..i can stand idiotic individuals. I rather pay RM30 to sit in the Golden Class and have a piece of mind watching a movie, rather than RM11 to be seated with bastards.

After experiencing this play, i think the Malaysian musical PGL & P.Ramlee is worth watching..and i solute Tiara for her effort..this international musical was only half the performance & entertainment. I believe the shows in London were better. I did check out their website. Costumes were better.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Sartorialist Fabulousity

My best picks from the Sartorialist..

Vintage shoes

"Spectator shoes can look borderline costumey, but when you pair them with something modern (like this guy's tiny-cut blazer), they look fresh again."- The Sartorialist

Shorter shorts

"Pack away the knee-length cargo shorts. If you get one thing this summer for your wardrobe, make it a mid-size short."- The Sartorialist

Bloodshot red

"There are two kinds of men in the world—those who call this salmon and those who call it bloodshot red. And something tells me this guy doesn't call it salmon. Oh, and if you're gonna go sockless in the summer, try soft suede shoes—they won't give you blisters like leather does."- The Sartorialist

I love these shoes..its fabulous..i once saw these velvet slip ons in different colors at Raoul..i went again and it was gone..

Casual Friday

"The key to making khakis and a button-down modern and fresh—as opposed to looking like a typical Silicon Valley IT dweeb—is fit and proportion. That's the thing he's done right."- The Sartorialist

Socksless shoes with jacket or suit. The shoes already scream sexy with bit of skin bare.

Cardigans with shorts add the relaxed elegance look paired with loafers for casual outings.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The C. Club

I always wanted to try dining at The C.Club (The Carat Club), so i did today for lunch. It was fantastic. The food was superbly delicious, and the price is also worth every penny. The lunch set cost probably RM55 nett. They have 2 course menu. Main course (either lamb, fish or i cant remember the other one) & dessert (either cake or ice cream). I had the fish, it was juicy and nicely made. I cant wait to try the rest on the menu.

Also spotted several acquittance's having lunch there as well. Will make my way there again soon. Price range are also considered reasonable, with the quality, taste & environment. The interior is also something to look at, in terms of color coordination & layout.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"My Dior" Mobile Phone

Christian Dior branched out into the mobile/cellular phone universe with the My Dior by ModeLabs. It took three years to develop the clamshell, which will be available in two versions: a RM18,000 basic version and RM90,000 for the luxury version, which features a 2.6 touch screen with an integrated media player and is decorated with 640 stones of 3,251 carats of Swarovski crystals imprinted on a crocodile skin case. Ringtones are proposed to be Dior's voice as well as music. Look for marketing to begin this month. This phone is just beautiful, but I'd be terrified of dropping or losing it!