Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Smiley Scratch

Something bad happened to me today. I parked my car at the open space parking opposite my office as usual. Then during lunch hour, i decided to drive home to take a nap coz i was just darn sleepy at work. At about 2pm, i came back to the parking lot looking for a space to park, but there were no spaces left, except one. It was behind all the motorbikes parking area. The indian parking attendant fella gave a sign to park at this particular spot. so, i did. I then wasnt comforable with that space and said;

"Annehh..boleh park sini ah? tarak blocking motor nak keluar nanti ke?" he replied, "Boleh..itu parking kereta punya. Motor boleh keluar ikut itu depan"

I took that as an assurance that my car wuld be a okaay..

At 4pm, my office mate decided to leave early to head home. 5 mins later, he called me up saying..

"Why is there a smiley face on your car?" i suddenly start to giggle and answered "haha..what are you saying?" he then replied "someone carved a smiley face on your car. Its so obvious at a near distance, but from far not so"

My eyes started to popped out it felt almost spitting out of the socket and my heart suddenly stop. i asked "are you bloody sure??" he said "come here and see it for yourself"

I then rushed my way down and cross the ever life threatening busy road to the open car park to check out the car. This was it..my little black buggy..

At that moment, both of us were not smiling, except for that graffiti crafted pathetically on my car. Its like smiling on me with god knows what message the craftman tried to potray or convey a message to me. It was just heart wrenching and i almost came down to tears. i knowm its no BMW coz i would just have fainted there and then, but its my precious lil buggy.I was so sad..

Then it came into my mind and trying to figure out the potential untalented craftman who did this to my car. I had 2 people in mind, and they were:

1) The motorbiker parked infront of me who had trouble to get his bike coz i was blocking his way, but there were ample space when i checked. It was impossible for him to get all upset and i dont see the trouble of him removing his vehicle and ever squatting down to paint art on my car using his keys.

2) This unfortunate old faggot with red hair and smells of cheap perfume that carry's an awful looking messanger bag whom i always bump into at the parking, and always tried to make a move one me. I never responded and there was this once we took the same lift and he gave me this 'despise' look coz i didnt respond to his so called frenly close encounter.

Im just lost of words and just take it as it is..My car had been '"arted & crafted"

If its the motorcyclist, i hate you for what you've done coz im saving to get myself new glasses as im getting blinder by the day. And must be darn stupid thinking that ur bike is the size of a lorry and require an olympic size pool area to remove your fucking cheap bike.

If its the old faggot, there are other ways to deal with rejection. This is not the way to put things in perspective or trying to prove that ur hot, coz ur not.

Im officially not only 'sightly' challenge by the hour, but also financially challenge by the day.

I'll be driving a smiling car everyday from now but the driver is not until i get it fixed.

I rest my case.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I've had glasses since my uni years. It has been almost 7 years that i've not updated my glasses. I dont like the idea to wear contact lenses nor will i wear glasses. The thing is, i have astigmatism(rabun malam). Usually, at 6.00pm onwards, my eye sight would go all blurry & lights would bubble up thus making my vision pathetic. Nowadays, my vision has gotten worse and i tried to ignore it, but its bothering me a lot.

My frens say that im ignoring the fact that im getting "OLD". Isn't that rude?? so kurang hajar u ollss..i'm only 26 this year you bloody bitches. Im young, fabulous and so many things awaits me in future. Anyway, the thing about this post is that im so sad and upset that my Emporio Armani drivies (comes from the word drive and movie) glasses is officially....BROKEN.

I have it with me for 6 years. The screw had broken and the joints have so called rusted. Its so sad..so lama dah i owned those glasses. The memories that i had worn during my classes at Uni. Now, driving at nite is such a hassle that sometimes its dangerous for me.. I need new glasses now and bloody &)%$#$@. That will cost money and so sakit hati..Will hunt for one soon..duittt laggiiii....bye2 my little armani..

Monday, September 17, 2007

My ambition

Dear God,

Bismillah hirrahma nirrahim..

I will work hard to own these gorgeous pair of shoes. If i own them, it means that i've achieve what i want in life, i've made it in life & nothin else matters in the world. I will promise to behave and never leave my prayers behind. Also, im ever willing to turn straight if its the requirement to own these fabulous work of art by Salvatore Ferragamo.

I promise not to be cruel, mean, garang and cold towards people around me. I will also promise not ever to shop on expensive footwear again. Only if i own this pair, then i would stop. If not, i would still do it. So, better let me own them. Or else, im just 25 pairs away from the selling price of this shoe. Well, another 10 years probably would get me 25 new pairs of shoes..anyway, this shoe picture will be hung in my house and framed nicely. It will act as my ambition, my target and what fulfills my life..Knowing there's something out there..waiting for me..

Salvatore Ferragamo Alligator Skin Laceys

Priced - USD$ 7,500 or RM 28,500

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Lift

Today was such a busy day for me..not at work, but outside doing work and also doing some errants. I gotto work at about 9.00am. As i got infront of the office door, it was still locked! I happen to be the first person to arrive at work today. Biadap sangat. Officially, our working starts at 8.30am, but everyone just being so taiko and datang so the very lambat..fine. I was the person to so called potong reben and got myself in.

Before that, something irritating happened on my way up to the office. I experience a very uncomfortable situation in the lift this morning where 3 malay PLU's were in the lift with me. there were soh..seh..soh..seh..(gossiping) and i could here the word 'cover' and 'tu lah' somewhere in their sentence..sambil tergiggle2 manja kakak2 3 orang itiew..sakit hati plak bila terdengar..3 againts 1 kan..so, i just remain quiet (dlm hati berkata "nanti kau!")

The smell inside the lift was just outrageous due to the combination of 4 strong perfume smelling men (men ker??) and filled the air of the small lift car that is so..SMALL. I felt nauseous and almost wanted to faint probably because the air composition in the lift had only left with 20% of oxygen and 80% was the smell of an overdosed alcohol perfume coming from 4 queens. One of them was ok looking, whereas the other 2, sadly, couldnt be saved. Even with a Creme De La Mer Moisturizer that cost RM1,000 for 30 ounce, kelopakan cinta dimuka mereka berdua agak sebesar planet mars..Finally they got out at Level 27 and tergetik2 when they left. As the door shut, i know, deep down, i shall have my revenge fo them. Sakit hati teramat sangat..sambil mengetap-ngetap gigi kat bibir yang lucious ni..

Nobody can mess with>>>Yang Teramat Mulia Toh Puan Tunku Putri Menjalara Intan Bendahara Dihilir Che Engku Seri Paduka Perempuan Muda Seri Nara Lelawangsa Hajjah Raja Eleena Safia Kasih binti YM Raja Safian, isteri tercinta Yang Teramat Mulia AAA.

Ketua Pemuda Isteri-Isteri Sosialit Pembesar Muslimah-La Queen)

I will ensure they will suffer the consequences..im just waiting for the chance to bump into either one of them soon with my whole clan..especially at the club or pubs or just between me and them anywhere at my workplace..and give them the latest version of my clans mean girls attitude...Nanti kau..

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dear Mr Derek Lam of Tod's..

Dear Mr Derek Lam,

I was at KLCC with my best buddies. Then suddenly my heart beat stopped as i saw these gorgeous pair of driving tassled oxfords. I know u as the Creative Director of the fablous Tods. I got a little bit retarded and got my finger prints all over the window display and i was practically drooling all over it. I then dragged my fag hag fren, Sharline into your shop and had had had to try it on to see how it looked like on my feet.

For your info, i was also wearing your last season's Spring Summer 2007 hottest gorgeous Gommini driving shoe of patent leather. Without delay, i slipped off my driving shoes and slipped on your new Fall / Winter 2007 loafers, size 8 1/2. I felt like a queen for a minute when i had the shoe on me and walked towards the mirror for view.

I know its no glass slipper of cinderella's...but it was a glass slipper for me..for this season lah..It best worn with dark washed denim jeans..Its a classic look with a touch of class..simply elegant..

I would like to congratulate you for the fantabulous design, comfort and class on every inch of the shoe. Im just..speechles..and lost of words to describe how indeed obsessed i am with this shoe..

With a price tag of RM1,400...i consider it reasonable...well, compared to a Prada, Gucci or Ferragamo that cost minimum RM1,900 a pair..Louis Vuitton, mind you, starts at RM2,300...where at this point in life, im no near a Louis Vuitton. I could still starve for a Prada, Gucci or Ferragamo shoe. If i afford an LV, i would have died of starvation due to lack of nutrients & bankruptcy coz every penny i have would all be distributed to my feet instead of other parts of my body and bones.

Just to let u know, i love what u created..im just...head over heals and still trying to get back to earth..coz im still floating in space..dreaming of flying with those loafers on me...

visit www.tods.com for further excitement and stress.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Home Makeover

I was at home last weekend for 6 days in a row..2 days (Wednesday & Thursday) was on MC, Friday was the Merdeka Public Holiday. I had to stay home with my leaking nose and killer sore throat..

Well, what did i do for 6 days when i was at home? Those who know me well would definitely know..my house was totally bacteria free, everything was in super order and dust free for all 6 days..my kitchen, my room, my living and my toilet looked like i lived in a showroom at Ikea. In order, aligned and too scary for others to actually live in it..i find it homely, others may find it rigid, not homely and like a living Courts Mamooth commercial..well..welcome to the world of the living "Stepford Wives Club"...they do exist..never get them bored at home or staying too long in a house.things might get too...CLEAN..

After the 4th day, believe me, i ran out of things to arrange, clean, tagged or scrub..then i decided to leave the house to get me sane for a while and away from perfection.

I think thats why my housemates tend to mess up the house..in order for me to get buzy, and not perfectionalised their living..

Here are the displays..

Call me a freak of nature, but no Sean Cody porn could give me the orgasm i experienced after creating this dust & bacteria free environment..not even a single particule..nada! I LOVE ME.