Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Smiley Scratch

Something bad happened to me today. I parked my car at the open space parking opposite my office as usual. Then during lunch hour, i decided to drive home to take a nap coz i was just darn sleepy at work. At about 2pm, i came back to the parking lot looking for a space to park, but there were no spaces left, except one. It was behind all the motorbikes parking area. The indian parking attendant fella gave a sign to park at this particular spot. so, i did. I then wasnt comforable with that space and said;

"Annehh..boleh park sini ah? tarak blocking motor nak keluar nanti ke?" he replied, "Boleh..itu parking kereta punya. Motor boleh keluar ikut itu depan"

I took that as an assurance that my car wuld be a okaay..

At 4pm, my office mate decided to leave early to head home. 5 mins later, he called me up saying..

"Why is there a smiley face on your car?" i suddenly start to giggle and answered "haha..what are you saying?" he then replied "someone carved a smiley face on your car. Its so obvious at a near distance, but from far not so"

My eyes started to popped out it felt almost spitting out of the socket and my heart suddenly stop. i asked "are you bloody sure??" he said "come here and see it for yourself"

I then rushed my way down and cross the ever life threatening busy road to the open car park to check out the car. This was it..my little black buggy..

At that moment, both of us were not smiling, except for that graffiti crafted pathetically on my car. Its like smiling on me with god knows what message the craftman tried to potray or convey a message to me. It was just heart wrenching and i almost came down to tears. i knowm its no BMW coz i would just have fainted there and then, but its my precious lil buggy.I was so sad..

Then it came into my mind and trying to figure out the potential untalented craftman who did this to my car. I had 2 people in mind, and they were:

1) The motorbiker parked infront of me who had trouble to get his bike coz i was blocking his way, but there were ample space when i checked. It was impossible for him to get all upset and i dont see the trouble of him removing his vehicle and ever squatting down to paint art on my car using his keys.

2) This unfortunate old faggot with red hair and smells of cheap perfume that carry's an awful looking messanger bag whom i always bump into at the parking, and always tried to make a move one me. I never responded and there was this once we took the same lift and he gave me this 'despise' look coz i didnt respond to his so called frenly close encounter.

Im just lost of words and just take it as it is..My car had been '"arted & crafted"

If its the motorcyclist, i hate you for what you've done coz im saving to get myself new glasses as im getting blinder by the day. And must be darn stupid thinking that ur bike is the size of a lorry and require an olympic size pool area to remove your fucking cheap bike.

If its the old faggot, there are other ways to deal with rejection. This is not the way to put things in perspective or trying to prove that ur hot, coz ur not.

Im officially not only 'sightly' challenge by the hour, but also financially challenge by the day.

I'll be driving a smiling car everyday from now but the driver is not until i get it fixed.

I rest my case.