Monday, October 1, 2007

A Million Loneliness..

4 years ago, i get to know someone online..we chatted online, we dated, but things didnt work out due to some reasons. he happened to be someone with a title. he worked hard to get where he is, and blessed with all the money in the world..possibly worth an estimated RM100 million or probably not kidding..with 7 huge companies under his belt..oil & gas, engineering, construction, shipping & logistics, all single handedly owned by him..what a success..he would be the most eligible bachelor in town. 42 years old, tall, fair, single, and has an ocean of money..His name is Dato' D..i remembered he has the whole floor of basement carpark at his condo to himself. to park all of his 10 cars and 5 superbikes. namely a red Ferrari, a BMW X5, an SLK Roadster Mercedes, an M3 BMW convertible, a Bentley, a Maserati, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible and many more that u never wish to own in a million years.


BMW Super X5

A car J.Lo also own..a Bentley

M3 BMW Convertible

A sexy red Ferrari

CLK Mercedes Roadster

i also happen to know another fella, the same age group, very successful and deals with the world financial institution, and wud say, a catch for any ladies to marry.

well, get ready ma ladies, both gentleman are not into women, and very very closeted.

Dato' D asked me out for drinks after a long silence from both of us. I think its been 6 months. The first sms said he wanted to come visit me in Doha. i replied "u insane? i left Doha 4 months already". Much earlier, we sms'd each other on planning to meet for coffee..we set the date 1 week later.

During the meeting, he let out everything that was bothering his mind..he was depressed and very much lonely..he's in need of a fren..a gay fren..or make it a boyfren..some1 of a companion. As i listened to him chatting his way of depression, my mind was trying to link all the things we use to do when we were dating and all the things he had done to me in previous. he was a very angry man, selfish, physically abusive and inconsiderate sun of a bitch..during that time, he thinks he has money and he cud control everything around him, including his r'ship..but not with me..being rich is a bonus, but how connected ur heart is, a must..i made a killer remark on him previously quoting;

"U can never buy happiness. U think u have all the money u can control people around u? Maybe u can..but not with me. After what u've done to me, trust me..u'll end up alone! U'll get all this low life pathetic blood sucking gayboys who's aftering ur cash, cars & credit cards..not ur heart..never come crawling back at me!"

He looked down and accepted all the allegations i said in previous. that was 4 years ago and he even cost him a Mini Cooper to shut a mouth of this gayboy from revealing his status to public or even cause commotion at his workplace. how pathetic..

Will this shut ur mouth?

I told him that im attached with some1. he was happy i met some1 nice for myself, even tho im here in KL and he's in UK. At Dato D's position, some1 from the moon would mean the world to him, as long as the frenship has honesty. he said distance was not an doubt its tough, but it depends on the sacrifice and many other things aligned. well, we're here not to discuss bout my life, more on his..

He spends a whole chunk of his money on properties, fancy cars, designer outfits and god knows what else he doesnt own..If i owned a Prada A/W 2007 slipper, i would like clean it weekly and store it in a good dry place and worship it, but in his case, its a slipper to be worn in the house or to pasar malam..when some1 reach that stage, money is not an object anymore. its all purchases to prevent loneliness..

"i am so sad ezwan..the more expensive and extravagant a purchase, it represents the more bitter loneliness i am actually..."

i cud imagine his cars and properties all arranged in line. its hell of an expensive depression. with his current spending on the Troika Posh Condo at the high end golden triangle designed by Norman Foster, tagged at a whopping RM9 penthouse.thats hell of a costly depression aint it? well,
rezeki masing2..he worked hard and deserve every penny spent..and people cant just take it away from him or use the easy way in..

The Troika, 10 most expensive luxury condos in Malaysia.

penat lelah dia bekerja siang dan malam, takkan senang2 orang nak tumpang makan hasil susah payah dia bekerja..walaupun tak banyak bagi dia..tapi tetap dia bekerja keras untuk ada apa yang dia ada..

i take that as something for all of us to ponder upon..

he wants us to remain frens, as he thot i was so far the sincerest fren he knew..with that, i hold on to, and trust to be a fren for him..with his experience in business and where he is at the moment in i wish to be successful like him and the other fren in future. .

On my way back home, in my car, i started to could a person worth RM500 million get so depressed and feel ever so lonely? when u can get anything u ever want in this life..and then i knew, out of all the things in the world u can purchase...loneliness is the only thing...not even a trillionaire can buy...and it makes me more appreciative towards my other half, my family, my best frens..and tried to put myself at Dato D's position...its a suffering..even if i im able to own all the things i want in life, my loved ones are the most priced possession..