Thursday, March 20, 2008

LG VX 9400 Cellphone

I fell in love with this sexy phone while watching it used by Nate in Gossip Girl. Its so cool. Its an LG mobile. My second phone maybe? =)

It probably looks ordinary & simple, but i love the mechanism of the screen being rotated in such way. Its so cool.

Sex & The City Movie Trailer

Ultimate Chick Flick Movie of the year..

YSL's New Men Fragrance

It probably looks like a piece of tool u find in a chemistry lab, but this sleek test tube is actually YSL's new starchitect-designed fragrance bottle. The limited-edition flacon is for the brand's popular Chinese-ginger-meets-citron-zest scent, L'Homme.

"It's phallic, but then you turn it upside down and it's not," .

L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent will be on its way to KL at RM256 per bottle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Transformers The Movie 1986

I've been searching for this movie for a VERY LONG TIME..its the original transformers the movie. Saw it the last time when i was in primary school. It was the BEST ever cartoon for me. They dont have it here in KL, or i have yet to search every shops. The one they have on sale here are the non original ones, as in remake by the japanese or gawd knows who ever, the story line, their character voices was all not as fun as this original as i used to watch when i was a tiny boy.

The best part of it would be when Megatron turned into Galavatron and Hot Rod turned into i fogot what his new name was, and the more reason for me to find this DVD..

Original Transformers the Movie, 1986.

i experienced a rush of orgasm after viewing this gonna find it at Speedy videos..

Nokia 810

Shocking everyone -- Nokia announced its new N810. The specs:
  • Same 4.13-nch WVGA (800 x 480), 65k color display as the N800, brightness increased by ~20%
  • GPS with particular focus on the "context sensitive web" via Ovi
  • 2GB internal storage (not including memory cards), ships with maps for use with GPS
  • Has WiFi (802.11b/g), does not have WiMAX
  • Bluetooth (2.0+ EDR) DUNs to capable phones, totally Folio-like
  • 400MHz OMAP 2420 CPU, 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
  • Integrated frontal camera, ambient light sensor, mini USB 2.0, hardware lock switch
  • Plays back video: 3GP, AVI, H.263, H.264, MP4, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1/4, Real video; audio: MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, Real audio, WAV
  • Battery life aimed at 4 hours of "typical use" (movies, music, internet access, etc.), 10 hours music only, and up to 2 weeks totally idle time, and 5 days active standby ("improved compared to previous generation devices")
  • Runs Nokia's Linux Maemo interface (duh)
  • 5 x 2.83 x 0.55-inches, 7.97 ounces
  • Ships in November

Kengsington Pram

As i was browsing some websites, i came across this Pram that looks amazing & traditionally elegant. I've been trying to figure out who makes the vintage looking prams. I came across this website petit tresor. The price tag? Approximately RM 10,214.50. But if i had a kid, strolling him/her in this pram is just a sexy thing to do on a weekend.

Mariah Carey E=MC2

E=MC² (meaning: “Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power”), which will be released April 15.

New Proton MPV

Rumour has it that this new Proton MPV will be out soon. It looks good here..Quite similar to the Honda Odyssey though..

Espadrilles are in town boys

Spring has just arrived and Summer is a few months away. Espadrilles are out displayed in the shops and usually available between March - July. Its a relaxed comfy shoes for the season aligned with flip flops. This is the period of time for your Espadrilles to be taken a walk.

The high ends would cost u between RM950 - RM1,800..from Emporio Armani, Zegna, Hermes, Ferragamo and as such...for a more reasonable cost with same like effect, get yours at Zara, Massimo Dutti & the like. It would cost u somewhere around RM90-RM130

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mazda MX-5 Miata

All you sexy sports car lovers would remember this Mazda Miata. It is knowned to be the most affordable sports car. You cant see them roaring in the streets of KL anymore probably coz its like a cagillion years old and 'out of style' probably. But i think its a classic.

But now, brace yourself of the all new Mazda Miata MX-5.

The outer:

The interior:

This time im not gonna post the specs as even i dont care what the car can do..the importance is, the sleek elegant sexy look while driving on the streets..I made a swear to myself that when i reach a certain amount for my pay, i would own a car like this to drive to work everyday..and never skip work..oh ya, and probably try to recycle the same clothing at least for a whole year before revamping my wardrobe and giving it away to my frens.. =)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Losers

My dear blogger fren Irwan had to filter his blog, due to unwanted comments from visitors. many of those commented that he was a big show off and so called bragging whatever he has in mind when it comes to materials.

I think this is all due to JEALOUSY..some of us may have more than others, doesnt matter if we're born with it or dont have to work our ass off to get what we have..but thats not a point for others to shootdown his self esteem and thinking to increse yours..coz it will never happen..coz u could not accept where u are in life, and start shooting those who are far off your league..

Too bad that u may not have what he owns or has the purchasing power like he does..Everybody has their flaws..Since u had a rough time to make money, and get annoyed when others spend it vigorously..thats too BAD i think...others get luckier..god is fair..because i believe everyone has something extra from many forms..

Too all the losers who have been commenting on his blog, i think you should get a life, coz u will never be RICH with that envy attitude. I would be proud to see another malay guy having things or owning stuff that i desire or being successful in life..coz i would take it as "at least one of us made it"..

Everyone is free to make any comment..its freedom of speech..but look at urself before you comment on others..of where u are and how far in life have u gone thru to get urself worthy to insult or comment out others lives..

It makes u feel better for a short time..but later in the day, u will get miserable again..if u keep hating those who reach the line before u did..

Casanova Hotel

The boutique-style Casanova Hotel in Barcelona.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Last weekend was to find new pants as i couldn't fit into my old ones, and gave them away to my frens. I grabbed these essentials.

Esprit's Midnite Blue flat front slacks, for my occasional meetings.

Jaspal's army green cotton khakis for my casuals at work

Zara's braided leather belt to with khaki pants

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Outdoor living spaces have come a long way from folding lawn chairs and picnic tables. Those looking to bring the indoors out now have many options to choose from, including this beautiful outdoor great room. Elegance.

Zara Interiors

Im a big fan of Zara Home products & interiors. I would say they have all the substance for a gentleman style living. I managed to grab some when i was at Qatar. But in London, their choices are incredibly more. Here are my wishlist choices, of their current collection.

Bathroom accessories

Bed Linen


Tie Box


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gentleman Home

Dining area


Chest Console



Center or Side table