Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The "Most Coveted" Luxury Brand

It's official, according to the latest Global Luxury Brands Survey for The "Most Coveted" Luxury Brand is Gucci -- 1 in 5 global customers said that if money was not an issue they would choose Gucci over every other luxury brand. The survey was done this past November and this marks Gucci's third year holding on to the top spot in what is a more challenging and competitive luxury market than ever before. Rankings for 2007:
  • 1 - Gucci
  • 2 - Chanel & Calvin Klien
  • 3 - Louis Vuitton
  • 4 - Giorgio Armani
  • 5 - Versace
According to the survey, if money was no object, 41% of Asians and 37% of UAE consumers said they would choose Gucci.It's worth noting that this survey ranked Gucci as #1 globally, not regionally. Other brands ranked better in specific places:
  • Chanel was #1 in China (Asia)
  • Christian Dior did the best in Russia.
  • Louis Vuitton #1 in Japan, Philipines & Hong Kong (Asia)
  • Hermes #1 in Japan (Asia)
  • Prada #1 in Italy