Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Losers

My dear blogger fren Irwan had to filter his blog, due to unwanted comments from visitors. many of those commented that he was a big show off and so called bragging whatever he has in mind when it comes to materials.

I think this is all due to JEALOUSY..some of us may have more than others, doesnt matter if we're born with it or dont have to work our ass off to get what we have..but thats not a point for others to shootdown his self esteem and thinking to increse yours..coz it will never happen..coz u could not accept where u are in life, and start shooting those who are far off your league..

Too bad that u may not have what he owns or has the purchasing power like he does..Everybody has their flaws..Since u had a rough time to make money, and get annoyed when others spend it vigorously..thats too BAD i think...others get luckier..god is fair..because i believe everyone has something extra from many forms..

Too all the losers who have been commenting on his blog, i think you should get a life, coz u will never be RICH with that envy attitude. I would be proud to see another malay guy having things or owning stuff that i desire or being successful in life..coz i would take it as "at least one of us made it"..

Everyone is free to make any comment..its freedom of speech..but look at urself before you comment on others..of where u are and how far in life have u gone thru to get urself worthy to insult or comment out others lives..

It makes u feel better for a short time..but later in the day, u will get miserable again..if u keep hating those who reach the line before u did..