Friday, November 24, 2006

New breed of pathetic straight men..

I've been meaning to share my experience about the issue im bout to elaborate & to just letting it out..I found that there's a new breed of men. I would call them pathetic losers.its about guy's who are willing to sacrifice their girlfriends for something in return..such as wealth, money, materials and as such..

This new breed of men are only found in the straight people's community…gay men can still come to their senses and think 'straight'…

I know 5 lady frens..3 are real ladies and 2 are unreal ladies (drag, nyah, whatever u call it), who are experiencing this scenario..

The story goes like this..they all have boyfrens who love and care for them very much..their boyfrens can only offer love, attention but very little for the lady's closet department. Shoes, bags, perfumes, cosmetics, money, fine dining, latest mobile phones,fancy apartments, cars, etc…with high taste, their boyfrens are lacking to provide that side of the department. With that, these ladies (straight & drags) tend to search for "extra source of income" getting to know datuk's, expatriates, and whoever that can fulfill their material needs..even by sleeping with these kind of men to gain designer items that they cant afford themselves. The problem is, even their boyfrens are well aware about it but just tend to ignore the backstage preparation, just wanting to enjoy the show on stage. Their girlfrens all stylo and for other mates to get envy off. And also taking advantage of all the "hard" work that's abusing their girlfriends sexually & staying in such apartment and living everyday with such luxuries on their girlfren's expense from all the work done..

Where are all the men's ego gone to? Does the word ego still exist in heterosexuals? As far as I know off, gaymen are very protective of their partners and if u think u got something better & someone provides u more then what the other can present, by all means..go. I don't think gay relationships can tolerate this kind of behavior. There will be too much hair pulling, sarcasm and swearing going on the end of the day, one person win-win situation..someone has to go..

I can never tolerate if my partner has to sleep around just because I cant provide him materials and gifts he's been craving for. I would have boiled hot water with used mop and pour it onto him while sleeping..thats just bloody rude! I would have kicked his ass out of my life instantly! These guys are there and accepting the fact that their girlfrens are object to satisfy other men. Being there to support the ladies to gather as much "victories" as they can..what bastards are these men categorized in? For the hetero's, what if u get married someday? Will he still be 'whoring' u to others? Is it like a business proposition? Its pathetic…so pathetic..straight men are suppose to look after the ladies and being the macho men they're suppose too..but in this case..they're better off as stray dogs. Its also pathetic for the ladies & "ladies" who have relationships with such boyfrens…if u think they cant provide enuff of what u want, and the other party could, whether sexually, materially or love, dump the losers..but most of the ladies still stick to their loser boyfrens..being proud of their achievements with what they earn thru out the whole journey of acidizing those rich men..

I strongly life..what u do to others..there will be others who shall do the same to you..

How pathetic..

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Lesbians nite out..

I had a dreadful time the whole of last week. Was down with fever, flu, & throat killing sore throat. It felt like I had to swallow a little kitten down my throat every 5 minutes. It was just extremely painful. One of the causes is that, I didn't remove my tonsils advised by the doctor last year cause it was just scary and the way he described the procedure, laser down my throat, I then decided to withdraw the surgery & just live with it, which in return, led to the extreme pain whenever I have sore throat.

Saturday nite was suddenly all jolly, eventho I was all sick, the whole gang wanted to have an outing and decided to go clubbing at LaQueen. I refused to go thinking that it would worsen my condition as I was about to recover. Hedy was begging me and told me that the whole gang are up for it, which is a very rare occasion to have everyone going down to the club altogether. With much annoyance & sympathy for them but not me with my sick condition & for the sake of grouping spirit, I decided to go. Just to ensure I'll be having a jolly good time & practicing 'the more the meriah" concept, I texted Andre to see weather he & gang are up for it, but no reply. Well, then we made a move.

As we reached LaQueen, I decided one of us should go up first to check out the crowd in order not to disappoint ourselves with crowd only both hands could count & save RM35 per head. There were 8 of us. I had a blast the week before ramadhan begun when I was there, but again, you'll never know.

They all decided that I should be the person to go up to check the crowd cause I know more people than they do. Its ridiculous! I had to spare RM35 to check the crowd & if its pathetic, im the one to bear the cost?? I argued my way and decided to split the cost if the crowd is awful. Everyone agreed.

As I got up the stairs and cud hear the loud music pumping and vibrating the staircase, I couldn't wait to check out the crowd. As I landed my foot on the final step, I overlooked & could see a whole lot of people on the dance floor & wud bravely say, it's a hip crowd. I went down again, whistled everyone like a mamasan calling all the anak ayam & gave them thumbs up! They all started to queue for the entry of RM35 hoping to dance their brains out & enjoy the crowd that I recommended quality & hip. I waited for everyone done paying by the staircase and we all got up together like a bunch of mean girls waiting to enter the crowd and pushing others who wud be in our red carpet like moment.

As we head closer to the dance floor, suddenly it struck most us that the people we were surrounded by happen to be shorter than all of us. Not only they were shorter, they were also in shorts! Some of them. Not only shorter and shorts, they're hair was also short. I then looked and glanced around me for further investigation of the crowd and realized, WE WERE SURROUNDED BY LESBIANS!! Aaarrgghhh!! We want no Boy "Lady's" we want people like us, Lady "Boys"!! Well, we're not lady boys as in maknyah, what I meant is boy like boy..not girl like girl..aarrgghh.. Everyone was furious at me and blamed it all on me for not taking a closer look at the crowd and wasted their RM35 that could be spent on t-shirt at sungai wang rather than on a lesbian party! Why am I to be blamed?? It was so unfair after I was being dragged to the scene without my inner sincere sick self of wanting to go in the first place.

As we all looked and stared at the crowd & trying to scout at least 1 gay men in the room, suddenly I got a tap on my shoulder, it was Zaid, Shamel & 4 other entourage who just arrived. To their surprise as like we did with Zaid busy touching & ensuring his assumed 3 hour made up hair with every strand still intact at its suppose coordinates, whispering to each other like little girls like soseh..soseh..soseh..which meant "why are there a whole bunch of lessies here that we don't know about??

Well, since we paid a whole lot money and considering that there were almost 15 of us altogether merged into one group, we enjoyed the nite together. Then suddenly, I got another tapping on the shoulder. Thinking it must be another 'sister' in crime of mine, I turned around. I couldn't see anyone at the same eye level. Then I had to tilt my head down only to find that it was the little butch lady from my office canteen yang jual air!! Oh my gaaawdd…

She was all friendly and said "tak sangka kita sama ye?" I then responded "sama ke, tak sama pun? I was referring to her manliness and the boots she was wearing with that baggy jeans & white shirt all nicely tucked in that was beyond manhood, and imagining she even grew armpit hair & shave her legs to grow even more hair whereas I shave my arms only to find it disgusting having even a slight of hair there & even trimmed my legs to have a smooth straight & presentable looking legs unlike other straight men who's legs are just covered with forest of curly eeeky looking hair that cud lead to an ant lost if it ends up on either the leg. She then responded "memang tak sama, tapi sama satu bidang lah camtu.." In translation what she meant was I own and eat spongy pussy and you own and suck cock.. I then giggled like a little girl with my hands up my mouth ala malu-malu camtu and to somewhat agreed to her statement "Ye lah kot..sama tapi tak serupa" whatever. I continued to ask her "Girlfren mana?" She responded "Ada kat depan tu, boyfren u mana?" The statement went thru my ears and down thru the nerve systems and trying to go thru my medulla oblongata to process it as a question, and to respond it with an answer. I experience a little "down" syndrome out of sudden due to the insufficient memory space left in my left brain because of too much hurtful experience all spaced up in there with no other memories left to be stored and a statement came out from my mouth after my brains processed the answer that lead me to no choice but to say "I takde boyfren lah.."

Her face changed with her messy unplucked eyebrows frowning. She responded "ye ker..takkan hensem2 macam ni takde orang nak?" I then responded "You hensem lagi, senang dapat awek beb, gua tak hensem cam luu.." I had to end this conversation soon as I realize I began to talk like a dike. Its bad for me. I then tapped her on the shoulder at a 120 degree angle cause she was too short for it to be less than 90 degrees and said "Oklah, I pegi ngan kawan-kawan I dulu ok?enjoy ya?" and quickly fled.

We did have a jolly good time eventhough I was all sick. Well, the next morning when I got up, my flu & cough worsen to what malay call 'Berembun" or staying up all nite. I then thout about last nites outing and realized that..

"Takde jantan sejantan Pengkid, takde perempuan seperempuan pondan"..agreed?