Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Polo 2008 Olympics

The line of Ralph Lauren's new Polo collection for the Olympics.


There are 2 things that bug me everyday when im in the kitchen. Its displayed above.

First, its the eggs..its my housemate's. It disturbs me that the eggs are in odd arrangements. I dont really eat eggs that much, then i just had to look at it everyday but unable to do anything about it. Throwing 1 egg out to make it look equal wud be something ungrateful or unnecessary wasting. So, i have to live with it..Every time a set (2) of eggs removed, i will cut out the plastic holder so that it wont show that its empty.

Secondly, that so called seeds or whatever that my housemate is eating and kept it in the plastic wrapped untidily. Its in serious need of a Tupperware!

Aarrgghh..looking at this pic is already disturbing!

Organized Tool Box

I was on leave for 2 days, coz i was down with light fever but bad flu. So, i decided to stay home. I was so bored at home and my hand started to shiver, as i had to do something at home.

I couldn't sit still. I just had to do something to make myself busy and 'happy'. As i toured the whole house to find errors for me to correct, i discovered that my wall clock wasnt centered and aligned to my LCD tv that was placed in the center of the wall. So, i decided to get me nails & hammer it to the center of the wall.

As i approached my cabinet, i got hold of my tool box..and to my surprise, I've forgotten about its condition!

My was screaming for help when i saw could I've forgotten to arrange them accordingly?? It was eye soaring for u know what i did..

Aahh..i love my tupperwares..i knew i cud use it for something other than storing food..i dont keep food in the house anyway..Im getting it all labeled. Its not something crazy! Why wud ppl think its a crazy thing to do when u can save time looking for something?

Anyhow, i did say 2 days leave right? This is day one project..wait till i show u what i did in day 2 of my leave..

Excellent Clean Floor

Do u want a clean germ free floor? I'll share u my secrets on how to achieve this.

U can never achieve a superbly clean floor with just mopping it. It takes more than that. Owning just one floor cleaning product doesnt help. No products in the market can do the entire job, It takes at least 2 products. I found my ingridient and will use them until i found a better product, and here to share it with anyone of you who are interested.


Never buy cleaning products that come from hypermarkets with its own brand to it. Example Carrefour Hypermarket, and also produces Carrefour Floor Cleaner. Its all crap! It doesnt work. Well, it works, but not as effective as other products. They do sell them cheaper compared to other competitors, but their products performs less. The quality of the products are too far apart from other more pricey products from the same range. Trust me..if u want ur floor to sparkle..


For toilet floors, dont just use mop to clean it. That will only wipe dry the floor are probably remove 20% of dirt. U need to SCRUB them. Using mop will also leave residue and bacteria all over the floor. U can never remove all the dust off the floor. For floors on external part of the home, or in u'r living area, u can use a mop to clean it.

As i said before, nothing works alone. U need a partner for it. Floors on your living, after mopping, u need to own a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum will be used after your floor is dry from mopping, then u vacuum the whole floor to remove any leftover dust or unwanted debris left on the floor. U'll have a clean DIRT free floor, not just a clean floor. NEVER sweep the floor. Sweeping will worsen the environment as dust will fly all over the place. The trick is to catch the dust, not get it elsewhere.

For toilet floors, never use the hair like toilet brush to scrub. I recommend the rectangular flat floor scrubber, like Scotch Brite. it works best. has a thickness of probably 15mm. This scrub has more surface to cover the floor and cleans triple compared to normal floor brushes.


I recommend u marry Cif Multipurpose Cleaner with Easy Off Bang. U need to scrub the floor using Cif, then rinse. After that, u spray on Easy Off Bang on the floor or walls of the toilet. Leave it on at least 5 mins, then u scrub the floor again with lesser impact. This is to remove stubborn dirt. Easy Off Bang has acidic ingredients that can kill germs and remove stubborn stains. Cif will only sparkle your floor. With both working together, u know what ur getting at.


Rinse the floor to perfection. U do notice that Cif will leave residue on the floor. Its powder like substance. Thats the bad thing about this product. Well, u need to rinse ur floor well.


To those who hate wet floors like me, u need a wiper as well. U can get it at Ikea for about RM2. This wiper is used to dry your floors and at the same time, help remove the unwanted residue, especially the powder like residue from Cif and water.

Wet floors will still attract bacteria, even if its clean. So, please wipe the floor dry with a wiper. NEVER use a mop as u will only bring more germs to the floor. I wipe my toilet floor dry after every shower. This is to maintain ur floor cleanliness, prevents dirt from appearing for a longer period of time and lessen the time to clean the floor again.

To know if your floor is excellently clean, try to pour running water onto the floor. If the water flows nicely, u have an excellent clean floor. If the water stucks at certain portion of the floor or has patches of water on the floor, clean AGAIN!

Good luck. Who says cleaning is easy?

The Toothbrush

I have this habit of arranging the toothbrushes in the toilet accordingly. I have this toothbrush holder that has 3 holes. One is meant for my razor, second is meant for my toothbrush, and third is meant for my housemate's toothbrush. I like it when all three items face in one direction. I dont allow any sharing of hole's as each space is meant for 1 item. My housemate has this habit of just stacking his brush anywhere he likes it or best described 'convenient' to him. EVERYTIME when im in the toilet to brush my teeth in the morning or before i go to bed, i would have to arrange them back to its original position. And EVERYTIME, it gives me a pain in the head..

Have u ever thot that ur brushes are dirty? as they are exposed for so long in a toilet thats damp & the humidity is high, thus can be a place for germs to party? I have thots to dip my toothbrush in hot boiling water everytime before i use them. I think its a good way to kill whatever germs around it. I have this plan in my head, but never tried to realized it.

The Washer

I get so pissed off whenever things are not back to their original position whenever someone first encountered and used it. My house mate has this habit of leaving the washing machine cover open EVERYTIME after he has done washing.

It just TICKS me big time..i told him once, but seems talking to an incopetent bafoon wouldn't make any difference, i then had to make the effort of shutting the lid for him EVERYTIME. The reason i want it closed is because i believe all the potential dust & whatever germs that can enter the machine and that would be something i dont want around my washed clothes. Also, for gods sake, why is it so difficult to close back the lid?

Gentleman Style - Jesse McCartney

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Im Upset

When i was in Jakarta few weeks back, i had ordered a custom made bed sheet. I was dreaming to sleep in a Ralph Lauren design, but as you all know, it cost half of my Malaysian made car. So i opt to have mine custom made that looked similar to a Ralph Lauren home bedsheet, but never to have he same feeling of thread count. But who cares, as long as its nice..

It took 10 days for them to get it stay wasnt that long, so i had to wait for it as my mum was to fly there again to look after my nephew, and would bring it back when its mum got home today, she called in and informed me my sheets were with her..i was thrilled!

I ordered a 4 piece pillow case, 1 duvet cover and a 1 fitted bed sheet..believe me, it cost me only RM120..the material was excellent..with my taste and detail, i strongly believe it was worth the money..the sales girl did ask me "pak, mau bantal panjang (bolster) ngak?" i told her "Ngak mau..gue ngak pakei yang ituh..loh bikin empat pillow case aja mbak..usah lupa yg duvet sama fittednya skali ya"..she said "ok pak.."

Before leaving for PJ to head over my parents place, i was so excited that i cleaned my room (not was it dirty or dusty but i just arranged some stuff) and removed my old black u know, im into monochromatic colors, and to make way for my gorgeous new sheets..

When i arrived at my parents, i rushed & took off my slippers like a small kid rushing into a house craving for chocolates, and saw my sheets were on the table. I opened it to check. To my SHOCKING SUPRISE, there were mistakes in my order.

There were duvet cover, fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases and 2 BOLSTER CASES!!! I wanted to scream as I DIDNT ASK FOR A FUCKING BOLSTER COVER!! And there were TWO!! Ohh myyy gawddd..

My heart was crushed, how am i to sleep tonite?? I have this behaviour of only sleeping with matching sheets as unmatched sheets wud just give me headaches..SERIOUSLY..this is due to my obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) behaviour..that things shud be arranged in a way & color coodination is important in daily life..I WAS CRUSHED..

I called my sister to inform her of the mistake..i even tried to improvised the bolster case to turn it into a pillow case, i was even willing to SEW them tonite..i wud go that far..but mom adviced me it was impossible..coz the bolster case was much smaller than a pillow case.

Called my sister again.screamed at her for not checking the sheets when it arrived at her home in Jakarta..she then told me to send it back to Jakarta, and get the stupid shop to redo the mistakes..a family member is flying to jakarta this sunday, and will get him to bring it with him..

Im so bloody stress..and so sad that it didnt turn out the way i wanted..and now had to wait..LONGER..since i am already excited about the current sheets, i am using it tonite..i even ironed ALL THE SHEETS to ensure i sleep in perfection..with no lines or took me 1.5 hours to finish ironing..

This was before..all black..gentleman style..

This is the half way new sheets..

It was supposed to be an all white bed...i was planning to create the luxury resort like ambiance for my room..arrggggghhhhh..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spring 2009 Mens Shoes

Fabulous Spring 2009 Mens drooling all over..every shoe pic i feel like screaming on top of my lungs..all is just..MY GAWDD..GORGEOUS..Get ready you go..


Louis Vuitton

what a dream to slip on..uuhh..gorgeous.

Jean Paul Gaultier

ultra sexy..



to die for..

spring can never look better in these pair..

Dries Van Noten

I know its painfully sticking to look at all sorry..sleep well everyone..

and calm down..