Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Early

Im leaving home early i dont feel good..of WHAT IM WEARING TODAY.

I dunno why..when i was in the toilet just now,i looked at the mirrow and MY GAWD! What am i wearing?? How did i manage to get out of the house wearing this?? It's a new shirt i bought in one of the Factory Outlets in Jakarta..

Let me tell u how i look wearing a short sleeve, vertical pattern orange & white stripes, well tucked in my dark black jeans, a Gucci squared belt & my Prada loafers. Also, i have my office door tag hanging on a vibrant green holder around my neck.

This caption is trying to tell u what i wore, but not exactly..just an idea..its awful!

When i looked in the mirror, i looked like a guy from KFC or McDonalds waiting to serve! No offense for them, as that's their uniform, but i wear this to work! WHAT WAS I THINKING!! My mind must not be at peace.

Im now not so enthusiastic to finish the day with this outfit..its terrible..SERIOUSLY..i dunno whats wrong with me today..AAARRGGHHHH..

Maybe partly becoz of my car battery gone dead when i came home from my Jakarta trip..and im POORER of RM200!! and that money was to feed me until my salary comes in, but instead its gone to the stupid car battery..arrgghhh...

Then my maxis phone bill came thru sms, and reminding me that i havent paid last month's bill. The amount, dun even ask...i spent alot on calls to my sister when we did our brother's wedding annoying today..had to use my credit cards..

Well, to summarize why i shud leave for home and thinking today isnt a good day to be out and about..because:

1) I cant stand wearing what im wearing
2) I cant stand knowing that im wearing it and its covering my body
3) I cant believe its still on me and i have to remove this clothing from my body
4) Purchasing a new clothing from the nearest mall wud starve me till next week's salary
5) Purchasing & wearing a new outfit at 2.30pm and to finish it by 5.30 is so not worth it..unless i noticed what im wearing from early a different case..

Im gonna go home & do some cleaning maybe..that'll make me happy..

I believe we all have gone thru this part in life..but it seldom happens..i just cant work my bosses, im sorry..see you guys tomorrow...I promise to dress better tomorrow.