Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Tantrum


I got a job offer elsewhere, and was given 2 weeks to respond to it, weather i take the job or decline it. My current company countered their offer and im waiting for it to be in writting.

The other company's offer terminates today at 5.30pm. This is my angry conversation with my company's Human Resource (HR) executive. I wrote an email to my boss, and sent a copy to the HR. Here it is:

Me: Dear Boss, I was informed by HR that my revised offer is with you. I haven't receive the offer. For your info, today is the final day for me to respond to the other company of my acceptance or rejection to work with them. I was informed verbally that the offer has been signed off by our CEO, but i need to look at the overall document before agreeing to continue stay working here. Hope u can settle this matter urgently by today as the dateline for me is today.

HR Exec: As I mentioned to you on Friday (at the reception area) that I have draft your letter but it needs to be check by my boss (Senior Manager HR). The amendment letter is with me pending her signature. Unfortunately she is on leave today. Hopefully by tomorrow I can despatch the letter to you. Sorry for the delay...

(Bitch Mode ON and thinking that my offer is gonna expire and they will put shit in my revised job scope & i already celebrated my promotion by owning the Prada patent leather Spring 2008 collection thinking i deserve it and work my ass off to earn this promotion)

Me: I cannot wait until tomorrow, as today is the dateline for me. What u can do is just fax or email me the draft copy of the document. I need to look at the revised contract or whatever has changed before deciding to stay working here, even if ur boss hasnt signed it yet. I was informed that the figure is in accordance to my askings, but i need it in writing. I just need to go thru the document. It has already been 2 weeks pending from your department. I also need time for myself to decide as this involves my future, and i only have until 5.30pm today. I wish to see the contract before 12pm today. Signed or not.

HR Exec: Let me discuss with my boss first. By the way, belum sampai 2 minggu pun...HR received green light from Head of Department to proceed with CEO's approval in the afternoon on 11 July. HR Senior Manager manage to meet & get CEO approval on 16 July. We are all muslim. Takde nak tipu2... lagi2 kalau your alim boss yang made the offer...tak kan dia nak tipu...betul tak?

(Ridiculously angry with double whammy pistoff of such stupid statements made by the HR Exec)

Me: It is not about tipu or not..also, we're all not angels. ppl dun agree on things without black & white..its being smart & i work around contracts all the time...also in case there are things that i dont agree of (if any), there shud be time allocated for discussion. I was told the Job Description was altered. That is my main concern to look at & go thru, and not about pay. But referring to the time i have left, only few hours. Im just being a professional and allowing reasonable time for discussion (if any). At current, it seems there isnt any.

Hope u understand and it is a standard procedure, by allowing some time for the other party..and nobody agrees to anything without getting written..i dunno bout anyone else..but i dont.

HR Exec: When we talk about contract we should know that both party need to sign the agreement, contract or etc..baru lah benda tu jadi black & white. if I give you the draft copy (as you requested in the earlier email) without my boss signature, benda tu masih belum jadi contract lagi...Anyway, I just send you the unsigned copy of the letter for your reading.

Since that your consent is a black & white agreement between THT & you, so what I can help is, first thing tomorrow morning I will get puan sign the letter and I will email to you ASAP. bole?

(OMG, why is she so dumb..)

Me: Im left with no choice but to go thru the unsigned contract, because there isnt any time left on my side, and ur boss is not around. If i look at it tomorrow & suddenly not agreeing to the terms (if any), im on the losing side rite? As the other offer terminates today. U need to understand that. Im being cautious and trying to get a win-win situation for both. I know its still a pending document and cant be executed as an agreement.

Thank you for showing the draft. Im satisfied with the attachment content. And i wish the content remain the same when it arrives to me tomorrow 1st thing in the morning. If there r any changes, that are not satisfactory to me, and knowing that the other offer already supersede, there will be trouble. As i will not tolerate anything as such and i will not be victimized. Please take this seriously.

* No reply from HR Exec*

I cant work with stupid slow people..and she used being a Muslim as a thing preventing people from committing lies?? STUPID BITCH..!! I feel like slapping her with my mocassins and peel of her unpolished finger nails!!!

Im dress to kill for tomorrow..incase there's a war between me & the HR..i wanna look my best..wish me luck.