Thursday, July 31, 2008

Excellent Clean Floor

Do u want a clean germ free floor? I'll share u my secrets on how to achieve this.

U can never achieve a superbly clean floor with just mopping it. It takes more than that. Owning just one floor cleaning product doesnt help. No products in the market can do the entire job, It takes at least 2 products. I found my ingridient and will use them until i found a better product, and here to share it with anyone of you who are interested.


Never buy cleaning products that come from hypermarkets with its own brand to it. Example Carrefour Hypermarket, and also produces Carrefour Floor Cleaner. Its all crap! It doesnt work. Well, it works, but not as effective as other products. They do sell them cheaper compared to other competitors, but their products performs less. The quality of the products are too far apart from other more pricey products from the same range. Trust me..if u want ur floor to sparkle..


For toilet floors, dont just use mop to clean it. That will only wipe dry the floor are probably remove 20% of dirt. U need to SCRUB them. Using mop will also leave residue and bacteria all over the floor. U can never remove all the dust off the floor. For floors on external part of the home, or in u'r living area, u can use a mop to clean it.

As i said before, nothing works alone. U need a partner for it. Floors on your living, after mopping, u need to own a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum will be used after your floor is dry from mopping, then u vacuum the whole floor to remove any leftover dust or unwanted debris left on the floor. U'll have a clean DIRT free floor, not just a clean floor. NEVER sweep the floor. Sweeping will worsen the environment as dust will fly all over the place. The trick is to catch the dust, not get it elsewhere.

For toilet floors, never use the hair like toilet brush to scrub. I recommend the rectangular flat floor scrubber, like Scotch Brite. it works best. has a thickness of probably 15mm. This scrub has more surface to cover the floor and cleans triple compared to normal floor brushes.


I recommend u marry Cif Multipurpose Cleaner with Easy Off Bang. U need to scrub the floor using Cif, then rinse. After that, u spray on Easy Off Bang on the floor or walls of the toilet. Leave it on at least 5 mins, then u scrub the floor again with lesser impact. This is to remove stubborn dirt. Easy Off Bang has acidic ingredients that can kill germs and remove stubborn stains. Cif will only sparkle your floor. With both working together, u know what ur getting at.


Rinse the floor to perfection. U do notice that Cif will leave residue on the floor. Its powder like substance. Thats the bad thing about this product. Well, u need to rinse ur floor well.


To those who hate wet floors like me, u need a wiper as well. U can get it at Ikea for about RM2. This wiper is used to dry your floors and at the same time, help remove the unwanted residue, especially the powder like residue from Cif and water.

Wet floors will still attract bacteria, even if its clean. So, please wipe the floor dry with a wiper. NEVER use a mop as u will only bring more germs to the floor. I wipe my toilet floor dry after every shower. This is to maintain ur floor cleanliness, prevents dirt from appearing for a longer period of time and lessen the time to clean the floor again.

To know if your floor is excellently clean, try to pour running water onto the floor. If the water flows nicely, u have an excellent clean floor. If the water stucks at certain portion of the floor or has patches of water on the floor, clean AGAIN!

Good luck. Who says cleaning is easy?