Friday, August 31, 2007


Today marked our nation's 50th independance day. Fireworks sparkle in the clouds of Putrajaya, Dataran Merdeka and other venues. Most of my frens were out to celebrate the eve with outings and having a jolly good time at the clubs. Club entries gone sky high with almost RM50 per entry compared to usually RM10-RM25 on normal weekends. Well, i dont blame them. Its once a year event and the only time when they try to suck out patrons money for fantastic music. Not to forget, new year's eve as well..these are the 2 holidays that most of the nightclubs would charge horrendously. I on the other hand, had to stay home coz i was sick with high fever, flu and cough. It was terrible. I couldnt even taste food!! If i were given an old car tire to chew on, it would have tasted the same like chewing a roasted chicken. My taste sense was just not functioning due to the bad flu. I hate it!!

My fever was on & off during the day.Sometimes i feel really heated up. I could feel that my body temperature was rising. Im now resting at home. Since today is Friday, most of the people i know are off to Frangipani Bar to chill. I wish to follow, but my condition does not allow. I would worsen my condition. Also i would have spent plenty money for the outing. Not only would i get myself a new frock to go for the outing, also the drinks and mamak sessions after. I've been saving alot these days and try to control all the tempations. Its part of my plan to save and get the chance to visit my sayang in UK after raya. Hopefully, it'll go thru and i get to hug him in real life instead of sms's of *hugs*.Anyway, back to the story bout nite outings, not that i drink alcohol, i used to, but i quit and swore not to drink and get wasted, starting the day i left for that terrible Doha to work. Well, i did it. Anyway...many things happen throughout the month. The highlite would be my best buddy, Aziz, that broke off for the 2nd time with his evil pretentios pathetic ashhole heartbreaker kampung bastard boyfren, Fid.

He broke my Aziz's heart once, then Aziz gave it another try. I knew it wasnt a good idea. He cheated on him. I tried to talk Aziz out of it, but you can do nothing when someone really cherish something and ever so in love. Love is blind.. People tend to forgive and forget. I on the other hand may forgive, but i can NEVER forget..

The thing is, i was once in his situation. I know how it feels. It was hurtful, dredful, u feel like killing the guy and many more suicidal action that may take place at that time. I just didnt want him to experience what i did before. But at times, its better for someone to learn it by himself, rather then getting advices from others. So, being a good fren to Aziz, i am happy if he is..Eventually,they were back together. Fid promised Aziz that he wouldnt hurt him anymore, he couldnt live without him, he was a mess, blah..blah..blah..Aziz took him back. Aziz set a trial period to see how serious of Fid wanting to patch things back with him. But instead, i would say, it was a strategy of Fid to loose all the misreable feelings burdened on his mind and by getting back together, his mind would be at peace...SICK kan?

Well, to cut the story short, Oopss..he did it again..Aziz found out that he had other 'encounters' and lied his way pathetically. FYI, my Aziz is a smart fren, we share things together, we strategise and learn from each other..The thing is, never challenge or lie to an intelligent gay men..we have both chromosome of the male and female in us..its like going againts 2 people instead of 1. There's a female and a male with double the power of intelligence and double the planning of strategies. We are abnormal beings, only smarter, gorgeous, creative and innovative at every inch compared to the heterosexuals. Dont mess with us..but our only witness would be...when we're in LOVE...our so called 'powers' tend to decrease as the love meter rises..but u must always have a gorgeous sidekick (thats me) to hit u on the head and get u on ur feet and get u to realise something bad is to happen to you.

This time around, my Aziz was smarter.He decided to leave him and he wasn't that devastated compared to the 1st time it happened. I know my fren grew wiser, smarter and knows the value of a relationship. I was proud of him, eventho, i know deep down, he must have felt a lil hurtful kick inside. well, its not a train reck kinda feeling like the first time, probably a light smack on the head by someone. Macam kena tujah kepala tetiba ngn orang yang tak kenal cemtuu..mesti mcm sakit hati & like apahal nihhh?? Wondering why on earth this unknowned person hit me? u know..that kinda feeling..

Anyway, its good that things ended and i wil ensure Fid will be the talk of the town. Being Mr. Gossiper and the kalau ezwan tahu memang satu dunia tahu kinda attitude, i shall do my part..i shall destroy his life as the same way he crushed my best buddy's heart.

Its a small world Firdaus..Again, ur messing with an intelligent bimbo here who dresses well and have fabulous shoes (tibe jerr). Referring to the Delta Nu's from Legally Blonde 1 & 2, i shall contact the other party boys personnels worldwide (im not kidding, we have malaysian PLU delegates from all countries including Somalia that i keep contact with incase i need a place to stay if im in their area) and let them know what u did and trash ur future and pathetic reputation in the PLU community. Lucky that u dont shop at the places we do, else i would even get the promoters and shop assistant to spit and puke all over you and thrash u out of good taste. Gay species like u should be thought a lesson.Bak kata adek2 semelaya "Cantik ke...!!??" My fren dont deserve all this after what he's done for you..u fat horrible unfortunate foolish whore!

To my dear Aziz, i dedicate this song to you..Ur fabulous, ur gorgeous, ur intelligent..its not right, but its ok..ur gonna make it anyway..There are many other rainbow fish in the sea..sabar nok..pasti dapat tangkap ikan 'BESAR' nanti untuk mengisi 'RUANG' yg kosong tuhh..The important thing is, u've experienced LOVE and it's a wonderful feeling..It gives u the best ultimate fantastic feeling in the world and it can also give u the ultimate worse feeling god ever can give to mankind..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Simpson's version of me

I got this webpage from Aziz. U can actually create a character of urself to be part of the Simpson's Animation. It's really cool..Follow the steps in the website and you get to create 'you' in the Simpson animation..take a look at 'me' Springfield.. Cant wait to watch the movie soon..have fun ya'll...

you can create 'you' at