Tuesday, April 29, 2008


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the coolest BMW ever made, BMW has just unveiled the M1 Homage, an aptly named...tribute to the Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed original. Unfortunately, it's just a concept, but the carmaker is rumored to be planning a new supercar (dubbed the M10). Whether that, too, will be an homage remains to be seen. Sexy?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Are you thinking what im thinking when u first look at this pic? If you are, then u already know what im thinking, thus i dont need to tell u more about this picture. =) Imagine getting hypnotized if the rack is a rotating one..uhhmm..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Missing *Updated*

My office used to be the best place to work. But sadly, all the best fun people already left and im the only one standing alone in this super boring office. The environment is not the same, and god knows how boring this office is. Luckily im based at the project office, people here are still toleratable. Those in HQ, will face the worse environment to work. The people are boring, small numbered and all new staff joined the company who has no personality at all. SERIOUSLY. I dont even have frens to lunch with when im there.

Its important to have a great working office environment. You spend most of your time in life at the office. If u see & deal with shitty people everyday, u'll feel shitty forever. I miss everyone..I dont feel shitty now, just that whenever im called to go to the HQ, i would feel shitty, and feel sorry to those who work there. A SUCKY ENVIRONMENT.

We had the best times. We joked, we laughed, we were noisy. We were the 'It' staff that brightens the whole office with our high tone voices. In memories of all my best ex-colleagues:

The Office Mother
~ she's so motherly yet open minded.
Status: Not Married & dont bother.
Age: Early 40's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Senior Manager

The Voice Who Overdress to Work
~She would always carry a different bag to match with her ever different outfits to work everyday.
Status: Married & pregnant
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Accounts Exec

The Perfectionist Devil Wears Kamdar
~She's so detail in her work and dresses very the makcik to work.
Status: Married & bitchy
Age: Early 40's
Position: Ex-Contracts Manager

The Early Departure
~He leaves for home at 4pm daily. Biadap.
Status: Single & Horny
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Overpaid QA/QC Exec

The Kancong Who Tries Hard To Dress To Work
~Whenever he shops for a new shoe, he would come over to my workstation to show it.
Status: Married
Age: Mid 40's
Position: Ex-Overpaid GM Finance

The Bag Boy
~He's the only individual who changes bags more often than any of the ladies in the office.
Status: Seeing someone
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Dep. Coordinator

The Pretty Loud
~She's so vibrant & happy yet very seductive.
Status: Divorced & Gedik
Age: Mid 30's
Position: Ex-HR Manager

The Overdose Perfume Blogger
~He's the person who u can smell when he's only at the lobby. Our office is Level 21.
Status: Single
Age: Early 30's
Position: Ex-Overpaid Project Accountant

The Emotional Fashionista
~He would dress well to work but tend to get very emotional in terms of workload & irritating sarcasm from others.
Status: Dating Someone
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Quantity Surveyor

The Late Arrival
~She comes to work at 9.15am daily. We start at 8.30am. She's the smallest person in the office, yet her voice is larger than life.
Status: Single & Sinful
Age: Late 30's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Corporate Services Manager

The 'Senior' Late Arrival
~She comes to work earliest at 9.30am and latest 10am. She's so lusty & funny. Oh, with that exotic skin tone, she comes with a British accent.
Status: Married & Horny
Age: Mid 30's
Position: Ex-Overpaid Senior Legal Executive

They were the best people to be around..and a reason to go to work..They are the 11 out of 16 staff who left the company last year and this year. Now u know why my workplace is shitty. We still keep in touch & meet up fortnightly. Its a missing..as in physically & emotionally..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tod's Spring Summer 08' Sneakers

This came in my email today. Gorgeous pair of modernized sneakers. probably cost around RM1,500. U can get a cheaper version of exact design at Zara at only RM300 maybe.

The Croco Boat Shoe

Crocodile skin is the up most expensive leather in the world. Just in case you weren't impressed already, the eyelets are 18K gold plated, the inside of the shoe is lined in deerskin and there are a number of other great features. These shoes can be bought in brown for RM3,300.00 in the US of the brand Sperry and will surely make you the best dressed man on the boat.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KL Floods again

Yesterday was a hectic day for me as i had to run here & there to attend meetings. It was also raining heavily that i couldnt even see the road. When i was back at my office desk, few minutes later, the building made an announcement that all vehicles parked at the basement carpark had to be removed ASAP due to rain water flooding the basement. I had to rush down and took this caption. Water was building up that everyone was tip toeing to their cars and worse, I wore my Prada dress shoes and it got SOAKED. I left for home right after. It was 4pm.

New Tag Heuer Mobile

After Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada and the such came out flooding their fashion brand name in the mobile industry, welcome the Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer, which has just announced the result of its cooperation with the mobile designers of ModeLabs. The luxury Meridiist presents itself in a sober, rough metal look with vertu-known material detailing of leather or closing just depends on the customers wishes. The phone’s display is protect with an scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and beside a original angled OLED status display on the top it features a 2-megapixel camera, a multimedia player,a 1.9-inch QVGA display, Bluetooth and a 28 days stand-by capability.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

J.M Weston's Lacey Dress Shoe

J.W Weston's perfect workmanship of lacey dress shoe. Recently extended its “New Classics” shoe collection with the elegant “Conti” line named after Prince Louis Francois Conti which was famous for its delicate taste and an exquisite eye for art. For better experience & soothing your eyes, click J.Weston.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Polo Tees

Welcome the Ralph Lauren newest polo tee for this season. My all time favorite polos.

Classic-Fit Chest Stripe Polo

Classic-Fit Striped Team Polo

Classic-Fit Hampton Crest Polo

And a choice of any of the classics Lacoste

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Travel Kit

This tidily packed travel kit is made of Italian leather and features anything a modern gentleman needs, from an included leather wrapped flask and cork screwer to stainless-steel grooming scissors, nail clippers and a complete shoeshine kit.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gucci's Spring Summer 08' Thongs

Was at Starhill the other day browsing some stuff at Fendi & Gucci. I fell for Gucci's new thong patent effect rubber slippers when i first saw them online. But i wasn't that happy when i was at Starhill to see what they had for display.

This pair was displayed at Starhill. Its nice, but it wasn't my choice. I find the bright orange rubber logo was too feminine for me. On this picture it may look like a decent orange, but believe me, its NEON orange. To loud for my taste.

When i was browsing online, i fell for this pair.

But u know what? Gucci here in Malaysia does not carry this model. But the funny thing is, they have one exactly like this, but the rubber logo is not in white, but in MAROON. It makes the slipper look gloomy. I tried to find that model everywhere online, but cant seemed to find it. Funny huh? Where the hell did they get that model and sold here?

Whatever it is, well, it saved me from loosing RM760. If they had this white logo rubber in store, i might have gotten my other shoes a new fren. Gotta stay awaaayyy. Stay awaaayyy..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prada Spring 08 Mens Shoe

My choice. Gorgeous.

Must Haves Shirts

I believe that all Men should have all this hanging in their closet. U should own the classics. It may cost u a fortune, but its a forever to be worn. Im on my way to have all these classic essentials.

The Burberry signature plaid shirt. Now it comes in many colors. Choose any. Price between RM1,200 - RM1,700. Depending on material.

The Paul Smith signature vertical multicolored pattern shirt. Price ranging from RM1,200-RM1,900.

The Thomas Pink White Dress Shirt. Its one of the best shirt makers, after Brioni. I read all the reviews and touched the material myself, no crumples. You'll look good 24/7 like just stepped out of the house. Price ranging from RM700-RM1,500.

The Prada Solid Color Shirt. Comes in many colors. So i read the material will never gather dust and has this electrostatic effect that kicks out dust from settling onto it. I know it sounds crappy, but whatever. Cant wait for the flagship store at Pavillion to be opened. Im eyeing for their jeans & any solid color dress shirts. Jeans price ranging from RM1,600-RM3,000. Solid shirts price ranging from RM1,100-RM2,000.

Lets all work our way to own all these essentials shall we..? Start starving & saving. Haha..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chanel Bicycle

Care to cycle in style? Jennifer Aniston got one from Courtney Cox as a gift, and Courtney has one also. Chanel launched its haute couture version with a black retro bike equipped with a square patterned leather saddlebag and a handmade frame designed by Karl Lagerfeld as well detailed with a square pattern.

Cycle your way if u have RM 46,000.00 to splurge. Why cost so much?

Its a Chanel.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Im writing this blog with SO MUCH ANGER RIGHT NOW. Im stumping the keyboard and wouldnt care if its gonna spoil coz i dont fucking care. I have the highest hatred towards my new Senior Contracts Manager, who wears this dead squirrel like fur belt daily to work, who just joined the company.

He's a fucking asshole who's trying to kiss ass of our CEO and trying to make an enormous change in EVERYTHING. From the reporting formats, signatories and getting me TO REDO ALL MY FUCKING REPORTS AND PAYMENT CERTIFICATES according to his ways. EVERY BLOODY DAY he would call me up and get me to change EVERYTHING, where before it was pre-approved by everyone at work, and the things i did was taught by my ever perfectionist mentor, The Devil Who Wears Kamdar to work ex boss. NOTHING can beat my ex boss's strategy & work plan. She may be annoying at times, but her perfection matches my OCPD attitude.

He was also the one who didnt agree of my promotion, eventhough in my performance appraisal done by my Project Director (who's higher in ranking than him, mind you) mentioned that i should get one! WHAT IS HIS FUCKING PROBLEM?? I SWEAR i will destroy his life here in this company. I will give him the worse time of his life when it comes to dealing with me. I will use every much INTELLIGENT BRAIN CELLS i have in my brain to overcome his power here in the company. You come to join, and now you want to conquer and making stupid decisions to suit YOU?? I will make sure i win this battle and get my army for this battle. Including Kak Mah Jongang, the tea lady.

With my current workload that's ever piling high and not getting the pay i DESERVE, and trying to control the way i do my work, he is asking for trouble!!! With no consideration at all. NOT EVEN AN ATOM. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?? I may be younger than him, but im older here in the company. I have my ways..my project..to give him the worse time working in any company of his life. He switched on my BITCH MODE button ever so often, and i shall give it to him!! If not because of being classy & poist, during our arguement at the head quaters, i would have screamed at him with my Ning Baizura soprano voice and PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE with my Fendi ring and giving him the double F Fendi logo STAMPED ON HIS FACE and insulting him bleedingly for wearing a faux got knows what animal fur belt!!!!!!

I shall have my revenge..im sure i will..i will now plan a strategy to overpower him..never mess with an intelligent PLU..i will use both of my male & female brain cells to generate my killing. Lets see what beauty can do in solving this..

Let the games begin.

Friday, April 4, 2008

KL on 1st April 2008

KL's weather was bad these past few days, and thunderstorm started at 2pm until 6pm on the worse day..it was scary..and my house was flooded due to the thunderstorm. Rain sipped through the window and my living room was drenched with rain water..my tv got spoilt a water was dripping from inside the tv..

So was my Dvd collections..had to wipe dry all of them and lay to dry..was a tiring task..after coming back from a tiring day at work..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The London West Hollywood Hotel

The London West Hollywood Hotel

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

“Gossip Girl” - “The Blair B**** Project” Episode Promo

Will Blair survive? Will check it out soon..