Friday, April 18, 2008

Missing *Updated*

My office used to be the best place to work. But sadly, all the best fun people already left and im the only one standing alone in this super boring office. The environment is not the same, and god knows how boring this office is. Luckily im based at the project office, people here are still toleratable. Those in HQ, will face the worse environment to work. The people are boring, small numbered and all new staff joined the company who has no personality at all. SERIOUSLY. I dont even have frens to lunch with when im there.

Its important to have a great working office environment. You spend most of your time in life at the office. If u see & deal with shitty people everyday, u'll feel shitty forever. I miss everyone..I dont feel shitty now, just that whenever im called to go to the HQ, i would feel shitty, and feel sorry to those who work there. A SUCKY ENVIRONMENT.

We had the best times. We joked, we laughed, we were noisy. We were the 'It' staff that brightens the whole office with our high tone voices. In memories of all my best ex-colleagues:

The Office Mother
~ she's so motherly yet open minded.
Status: Not Married & dont bother.
Age: Early 40's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Senior Manager

The Voice Who Overdress to Work
~She would always carry a different bag to match with her ever different outfits to work everyday.
Status: Married & pregnant
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Accounts Exec

The Perfectionist Devil Wears Kamdar
~She's so detail in her work and dresses very the makcik to work.
Status: Married & bitchy
Age: Early 40's
Position: Ex-Contracts Manager

The Early Departure
~He leaves for home at 4pm daily. Biadap.
Status: Single & Horny
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Overpaid QA/QC Exec

The Kancong Who Tries Hard To Dress To Work
~Whenever he shops for a new shoe, he would come over to my workstation to show it.
Status: Married
Age: Mid 40's
Position: Ex-Overpaid GM Finance

The Bag Boy
~He's the only individual who changes bags more often than any of the ladies in the office.
Status: Seeing someone
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Dep. Coordinator

The Pretty Loud
~She's so vibrant & happy yet very seductive.
Status: Divorced & Gedik
Age: Mid 30's
Position: Ex-HR Manager

The Overdose Perfume Blogger
~He's the person who u can smell when he's only at the lobby. Our office is Level 21.
Status: Single
Age: Early 30's
Position: Ex-Overpaid Project Accountant

The Emotional Fashionista
~He would dress well to work but tend to get very emotional in terms of workload & irritating sarcasm from others.
Status: Dating Someone
Age: Late 20's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Quantity Surveyor

The Late Arrival
~She comes to work at 9.15am daily. We start at 8.30am. She's the smallest person in the office, yet her voice is larger than life.
Status: Single & Sinful
Age: Late 30's
Position: Ex-Underpaid Corporate Services Manager

The 'Senior' Late Arrival
~She comes to work earliest at 9.30am and latest 10am. She's so lusty & funny. Oh, with that exotic skin tone, she comes with a British accent.
Status: Married & Horny
Age: Mid 30's
Position: Ex-Overpaid Senior Legal Executive

They were the best people to be around..and a reason to go to work..They are the 11 out of 16 staff who left the company last year and this year. Now u know why my workplace is shitty. We still keep in touch & meet up fortnightly. Its a in physically & emotionally..