Monday, April 7, 2008


Im writing this blog with SO MUCH ANGER RIGHT NOW. Im stumping the keyboard and wouldnt care if its gonna spoil coz i dont fucking care. I have the highest hatred towards my new Senior Contracts Manager, who wears this dead squirrel like fur belt daily to work, who just joined the company.

He's a fucking asshole who's trying to kiss ass of our CEO and trying to make an enormous change in EVERYTHING. From the reporting formats, signatories and getting me TO REDO ALL MY FUCKING REPORTS AND PAYMENT CERTIFICATES according to his ways. EVERY BLOODY DAY he would call me up and get me to change EVERYTHING, where before it was pre-approved by everyone at work, and the things i did was taught by my ever perfectionist mentor, The Devil Who Wears Kamdar to work ex boss. NOTHING can beat my ex boss's strategy & work plan. She may be annoying at times, but her perfection matches my OCPD attitude.

He was also the one who didnt agree of my promotion, eventhough in my performance appraisal done by my Project Director (who's higher in ranking than him, mind you) mentioned that i should get one! WHAT IS HIS FUCKING PROBLEM?? I SWEAR i will destroy his life here in this company. I will give him the worse time of his life when it comes to dealing with me. I will use every much INTELLIGENT BRAIN CELLS i have in my brain to overcome his power here in the company. You come to join, and now you want to conquer and making stupid decisions to suit YOU?? I will make sure i win this battle and get my army for this battle. Including Kak Mah Jongang, the tea lady.

With my current workload that's ever piling high and not getting the pay i DESERVE, and trying to control the way i do my work, he is asking for trouble!!! With no consideration at all. NOT EVEN AN ATOM. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?? I may be younger than him, but im older here in the company. I have my give him the worse time working in any company of his life. He switched on my BITCH MODE button ever so often, and i shall give it to him!! If not because of being classy & poist, during our arguement at the head quaters, i would have screamed at him with my Ning Baizura soprano voice and PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE with my Fendi ring and giving him the double F Fendi logo STAMPED ON HIS FACE and insulting him bleedingly for wearing a faux got knows what animal fur belt!!!!!!

I shall have my sure i will..i will now plan a strategy to overpower him..never mess with an intelligent PLU..i will use both of my male & female brain cells to generate my killing. Lets see what beauty can do in solving this..

Let the games begin.