Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gucci's Spring Summer 08' Thongs

Was at Starhill the other day browsing some stuff at Fendi & Gucci. I fell for Gucci's new thong patent effect rubber slippers when i first saw them online. But i wasn't that happy when i was at Starhill to see what they had for display.

This pair was displayed at Starhill. Its nice, but it wasn't my choice. I find the bright orange rubber logo was too feminine for me. On this picture it may look like a decent orange, but believe me, its NEON orange. To loud for my taste.

When i was browsing online, i fell for this pair.

But u know what? Gucci here in Malaysia does not carry this model. But the funny thing is, they have one exactly like this, but the rubber logo is not in white, but in MAROON. It makes the slipper look gloomy. I tried to find that model everywhere online, but cant seemed to find it. Funny huh? Where the hell did they get that model and sold here?

Whatever it is, well, it saved me from loosing RM760. If they had this white logo rubber in store, i might have gotten my other shoes a new fren. Gotta stay awaaayyy. Stay awaaayyy..