Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pa-thai-tically wrong..

Last Saturday I had a blast at LaQueen. It was just fantastic. Music was awesome and all of my wonderful frens were there. There was Andre & gang, Shamel & gang and me & gang (maddy & hedy) all merged into one. When we neared the dancefloor, I was about to stare at maddy. Just wondering what his face expression wud be like looking at all the shirtless men walking by and dancing the hell out on the floor. To my not so surprise feeling, I looked to my left, he wasn't there! I looked to my right for hedy, he wasn't there as well! Both were drowned in the sea of shirtless men. I on the other case spent $79.90 on a party shirt bought at the Curve earlier to fancy myself of looking good at the club, but the crowd was more interested in bare skin rather than on my gorgeous shirt. I felt stupid. Shud hv just wore whatever I had in the closet rather then spending that much on a shirtless disco. Bodoh kan i?Its like buying a gorgeous pair of Prada Mocassin shoe to wear to a kenduri only to know it's a kenduri baca tahlil dalam rumah and kena bukak kasut…Baik pakai selipar people! Aarrgghh..

The club closes at 3am. All of us then went downstairs to chill out and catch up on things. I cud see everyone was chatting away in different sets of groups with eyes wondering in search of a good looking chap to stare at. I then make my way to the planter box to sit & rest for a moment. Suddenly, there was this chap came sitting next to me. I was looking down at the moment looking at the damage I've done to my shoe after all the dancing & feet stepping by shirtless men. As I looked up, the guy sitting next to me was checking me out, and pulled out a sweet smile. He was really cute. I smiled back & looked down ala-ala malu camtu..vey gatal but in a classy way ok. We then talked and here was the conversation :

ThaiGuy : Whut yur neem?

Me : I'm Ezwan..Whats ur name?

ThaiGuy : I'm Diau

Me : Hah? Teeyau?

Thaiguy : Dioau

Me : Hah, Biao?

ThaiGuy : No..D..I..O..N…Dion.

Me : Oh, ok..Nice to meet you Dion.

*ThaiGuy staring into my eyes in silence*

*I got a lil nervous and smiled looking down*

ThaiGuy : Where u lib?

Me : Somewhere near Ampang. Are you Chinese?

ThaiGuy :Nooo..Aim from Thailand..Muslim fom Bangkok. here for holideh..tumoro go beck..

*I smiled at him and trying not to laugh at his accent. In my mind was Woooww..i've never done a thai guy..Ular Sawa De Cuuuuuuut!!! Kote bengkok maybeeee!(As in Sawa DiKaapp from Bangkok!). I was drooling all over and already had hard on in my jeans*

Me : Oh, ok..

ThaiGuy : U like meeee?

Me : Sure, You're cute.

ThaiGuy : U cute too..u very hensom.

* I was blushing in a sexual flirty way*

Me : Thanks..nice of you.

ThaiGuy : Can I folo u hom?

Me : Huh? Where do u stay?

ThaiGuy : Stay at frens hose..Chedas..far flom u hom?

Me : Yes, very far.

ThaiGuy : Can I folo u hom den?

Me : Sure, why not.

*ThaiGuy got up and head towards his frens to discuss on how to realize his sexual escapade with me later. Then he came with back with his 2 frens. Seemed his frens were'nt keen on him hitting it off with me.*

Thai Fren 1 : Our fren seems to really like you. He wants to go follow u home. But the thing is, its his first time in KL. We're afraid he might get lost. Unless ur willing to send him back to Cheras tomorrow.

Me : Oh, ok. The thing is, I dun have a car. He can take the LRT and manage himself from there. Maybe meet u guys there for instance. I'll take him to KLCC..then let him back safely to you guys.

Thai Fren 1 : Oh, but tomorrow we're all working. All in PJ area. We wont be in KL area.

Thai Fren 1 : Oh, but tomorrow we're all working. All in PJ area. We wont be in KL area.

*Im thinking this negotiation has too many restrictions*

Me : Fine then. Maybe I'll just meet him tomorrow for coffeeor something.

*Im now officially turned off. ThaiGuy then was upset with his frens and discuss further to ensure that he'll be safe with me, but to no avail*

Me : Anyway, its ok. I got to go already. My frens are waiting. I'll call you tomorrow Dion.

ThaiGuy : Ohkeeyy..Sorry yaaaaa..me fren worry for meee..maybe I losss..

Me : Its ok, I understand. Ur first time here. Take care.

*Whole bunch of my frens were there as well, staring from far thinking I hit it off. But when I turned around and walk back alone, there were upset and called me back*

Me Fren1 : Soooo..is he comin home with u? Somebody's gonna get laaaaiiiddd???

Me : No im not!! His fren wudnt allow me to take him back.

*I then told everyone what happened and everyone went to brutal mode*

Me Fren2 : Nooo..ezwan! U must take him home!! What kind of Malaysian citizen are you?? When guest comes, we 'entertain them'. That's a civic responsibility from the government!!

*Everyone then pulled me and circled the ThaiGuy & 2 frens like Gangsters, tapi jalan lenggang & kepit like there's a vagina in between their balls*

Me Fren3 : Eh!! Let ur fren go back with our fren! Do u know my fren here is sooohornyy?? He hasn't been having sex the past 3 months u know! We tried so hard to get him laid!! but he's so picky!! Ur fren is lucky!!

*Oh my gaaaawwwddddd…..I was just overly embarrassed that statement came out!! I did told them that I was horny when were in the club, and that the last sex I had was god knows how long. Didn't know they had to let it out in the open and I was all desperate like. I forgive them anyway, they were all drunk*

Me Fren1 : Ya laaaaa…ur fren cuuute, our fren cuuuute. Let them play laaahhh…
*What language is this?? I was thinking*

Thai Fren1 : Hmm..im just worried of my fren..anyway, I dun like
whats going on at the moment. Just too many people
participating in this negotiation.
*I felt so maluu..but im proud and happy for what my frens did tho..they were all pimping for me. It was hilarious & funny. But theres just too many mak ayam's at once..so, u know how it looked like lah..all big momma & sisters talk at the same time..MESSY..*

Me Fren 4 : Ezwaaaann!! Here, take my credit card! Go check in at a hotel! Whats wrong with you?? Don't let him go!

Me : No lah, its ok..I'll just maybe meet up with him tomorrow. Hedy's calling already. He's dead drunk & mady might be tired. I have to drive everyone home.

*Me Fren 2 was so drunk and upset for no reason and started pointing fingers with frowns all over his face*

Me Fren 2 : Kawan dia tu kong hajaaa laahh!! Tak nak bagi mamat Thai tu balik ngan Ezwan!! Apahaaaaalll??

*I thot this was too much and possibly end this and head home ASAP*

Me : Oklah guys,,I'll meet him tomorrow ok..dun worry..thansk for all u guys done tonite..im fineeeee… okaayyy?
*Everyone somehow had no more energy, and we all disperse*

When I reached home, it just struck me of how difficult it is to get laid nowadays..i didnt really wanted it that much..i just thot that maybe there was a good thing that I didn't take him home..There was a special person I thot of as well.. He knows who he is..It just struck me..that I wud have gotten all disappointed of not getting laid…but I know theres that person who loves me dearly..maybe..not for a day or nite..but for a longer period of time for me to enjoy..