Saturday, June 9, 2007

Im Fat..

Since the day i returned back from Qatar, i knew i had gained a few kilo's..after a month past, all the fats have started to distribute around my entire body..especially, my tummy area and my face..Its so frustrating that i CANT FIT INTO ANY OF MY PANTS ANYMORE...i had to even unbuttoned my pants and cover them up with my also tight belt. i tried on my so called 'fattest' pants, and the result was now officially.FAT.

I think i gained 2 inches of my waist line..i do want to gain a little extra pounds, but genetically maybe, the fats are all not well always end up in my tummy, love handles and my ass is also lumpier, thats the good part.but other body parts, is just dissapointing..

i look like a hungry somalian kid who looks skinny but with a tummy all the way covering the eye view of land below..

Im planning to enroll gym probably in July with the help of Wan..who's a muscle fairy..hoping that i could get my body to be buffed, a flat tummy..nice rounded chest..with big arms..and no six packs..just a nicely build body and to fit into clothes wonderfully..wish me luck..that i will also be poorer of $156 monthly for the gym fees..and hoping i'll get better physique & better stamina to run my daily stressfull life..and crossing my fingers that no adik2 will come and distract me coz it is the headquarters of Gay men..not enuf that KLCC coffee cafe's are already the headquarters for meetings and usha-ing people there..the gym has to be on top of it..duhh..

I have some fellow frens who have been to the gym for almost 3 years...but looking at their physique, nada...well, i think it all depends..wheather u really workout or ur just "working out"..with all the muscle men surrounding you, i dont blame them..With my current physique, i dont think i'll be part of that..with the monthly fees equal to a Zara shirt that i can purchase monthly, i'll work hard...not to just look good, also to fit nicely into my body customed Zara shirts..waaaa...