Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto killed

May Allah rest her in peace..for all the efforts and changes she worked for Pakistan..

Happy 26th Bday (Part 3)

Thank you for the shirts. Im also updating my 2008 wardrobe and giving away my 2007's.

Memories of a fren..

I was browsing thru friendster and couldn't help it to see new photos of one of my best fren, Khaidir. Untill i saw this pic..i couldn't help but laugh alone at my desk..and smiled most of the time whenever i think of it..

It may look like a simple, calm, relaxing photograph to the rest of the world, but it reminded me so much of the situation during this photo was taken..the humour..the just all came back into my memory of how silly he was and a bundle of joy to be around him..and this photo was also the controversial at the office once..

Its a picture with a thousand words..where only i know..and the rest of the gang..its a nice picture..with a thousand memories..of my dear Aidid..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NIKE Rubbish Limited Edition Crap

This pair of Sneakers will set u back $1,750. Its in bloody US dollars. But im sure there are stupid people out there who would actually pay that hefty sum for a piece of this pathetic looking JUNK. That's why i dont do sneakers.

He Is..

He is..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Funny Clips - Extravaganza

This is a MUST WATCH and wil make u laugh sampai tergolek-golek...HAHAHAHA. It's an Indonesian Version MadTV. HILLARIOUS.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spring 2008 On Its Way..

Sneak peak at Spring 2008 shoes..

My pick..Mirrored Laceys from Gucci..out in February 2008.

Wait for the entire collection..coming soon in stores near you..

Friday, December 21, 2007

Congratulations Deeba

This post is dedicated to Deebah for her achievement in purchasing the last season (peduli apa kan??) Prada Resort 2007 Collection in black color during a season sale in KLCC last week. Pikir punya pikir, last2 beli gak yer..? Kapak dah yer?

It's all about the bag now..congratulations on your big splurge! you deserved it and not so damaging..its on 40% discount..imagine the retail price then..

Nanti tido ngan beg macam ni tau tiap2 malam..suka kaaann?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I dunno how the rest of the world feels about this but i am so disturbed on the current happenings to the Spears family. Britney's sister Jamie Lynn, 16 years old, is pathetically PREGNANT!

Sweet bitch

and the "FATHER"

When i heard bout it online, i was like..what the FUCK is she thinking?? Not only she's promoting sex underage, but also to be a parent when you yourself need a parent to supervise your daily activities. Same goes to her million dollar sister, Britney, who is also pregnant to her current beau..She's a baby making machine or what??

"Here’s their shocking report: On November 14, Britney Spears confided to her friends in e-mails that she was four weeks pregnant - and that she was sure the father was J.R. Rotem, a music producer she’s been seeing on and off since she separated from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006. When asked about the pregnancy, J.R. confirmed exclusively to In Touch that Britney is carrying his child."

Diorang ni main macam tu jer..and then get, oh im pregenant. ok lah..But since Britney can afford to have babies but should go for parental workshop, whereas her sister Jamie Lynn? Feeding your kid with your daily allowance from mommy? Its all PATHETIC and DISTURBING..

Whatever..Im gonna look up shoes online now to calm myself down.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bimbo Moment

If u remember my previous postings, those of last year..about experiencing Bimbo here to share a good one with u, but it came from a fren. About the new Dunhill Cigarettes.

The Bimbo Girl had smoke the new Dunhill special blend, that cost probably RM4 more than the usual cigarettes. Here's the conversation between me & her;

Me : I ran out of ciggies, can i have one from you?

Bimbo: Sure, take lah.

Me: It's a Dunhill. Mesti kuat. Especially this new one. Mahal lagi kan?

Bimbo : A'ah..mahal dalam RM4 kot. It's not strong lah.

Me : (After trying them) OMG, its quite strong lah (cough..cough..)

Bimbo : Taaakk..its the mild one..(padahal its the latest version from the old one, tukar packaging jer)

Me : What makes u say its mild? Its the same like dulu punya but packaging je lain.

Bimbo : U see the side of the box lah..I bought the one 14's...kalau yang 20's tu strong lagi lah..the nicotine level is different..

Me : Hahahahahahahahahahaha....Thats HILLARIOUS!!! (Nak pecah perut i)..for your info, the number at the sides of the flip top box represents the NUMBER OF CIGARETTES in the box DOINK! NOT the nicotine level!! U nak ke isap rokok 14 miligram nicotine where normal ciggies only have 1.5mg?? kau ingat ni tar kat jalan raya tuh??

Bimbo : OMG, ye ker..(blushing with stupidity all over head forehead) all this time i beli 14's pasal ingat kurang nicotine and tak sesak nafas sangat..


This is an original BIMBO MOMENT...till next time..

The 2007 Gang Awards

My closest best frens, there are 7 of us, have come out with the list of awards and shall vote for those who should earn the title for 2007. We've been buddies for almost 9 years. The awards are:

Most Talked About Member 2007
~the member who had most drama and scene throughout 2007

Most Argued Member 2007
~the member who had most fights with the others throughout 2007

Most Annoying Member 2007
~the member who irritates others throughout 2007

Best Featuring In An Outing 2007
~An old fren of a group member who sometimes join us for outings.

Highest Achieving Member 2007
~the member who made alot of progress in life for year 2007

Best New Featuring In An Outing Duo Or Group
~A new fren of a group member who sometimes join us for outings.

Member of The Year 2007
~the member who covers most of the categories and won

Best Duo In Bitching Others Collaboration
~the two (2) members from the group who can best bitch bout others all year round.

Best Solo Hidden Outing Performance
~the member who always go out alone by saying "nak gi jumpa sedara" tapi sebenarnya kantoi dating ngan jantan

Best Performance In Fighting Scene With Each Other
~the two (2) members from the group who argued and fight the most for year 2007

Best Liar In A Leading Role
~the member who always lie and not good at it

Best Member For Outing In Duo Or Group
~the member who's always fun to be out with whether just 2 of us, or with the whole gang

Highest Paid Member for 2007
~the member who's been paid for his makan or club entries most of the time whenever we go out

The results shall be out soon. Wonder which award am i going to be in?hahaha..

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy 26th Bday (Part 2)

Thanks for the Massimo Dutti leather sneakers. I loved it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Asian Idol

I stayed up last nite till 12.30 am bersengkang mata only to know THIS GUY WON?? What a waste of 1.5 hours of my original sleeping hours.

Last nite was the result show for the 1st ever Asian Idol. It was a stiff competition, but the crowd and judges favourite were:

Malaysian : Jaclyn Victor
Philipines : Mau
Indonesian : Mike

"IN what judges and fans are calling a stunning upset, Singapore's own Idol Hady Mirza has won the first ever Asian Idol singing contest held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday night.

Hady beat 5 other Idol winners from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India to clinch the accolade in front of a capacity crowd and millions watching 'live' on their TV screens across the continent.

The winner was decided by millions of votes cast by Asian viewers via SMS over a 24-hour period." - The Straits Times

I agree..and utter bullshit..well, i think he won based on his looks. He CAN sing, no doubt bout that, but the others were far more fantabulous than u know, the sms voters are always the young, gedekkss girls rite? I had my wish for Jac to win..or that Mau girl..but what a dissapointment..but he's good looking and dresses well..he comes in a complete package i would say..but so does Jac and Mau..something to cheer about at least..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gossip Girl

I cant wait for their 1st Season DVD to be released. Im just not into downloading. Just need patience for the DVD quality watching rather than pathetic online downloads that give you poor awful sound and pix quality.

The series is about a group of high society bitches and dudes who are still in their teens, with all the drama, sex, backstabbing and fabulous clothes to watch for. Its a Bimbo / Himbo series. Macam..semua cantik2 je kawan2 diorang..pastu ashik nak graaaannddd jerr..

The cast of Gossip Girls

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Type of Men's Shoes

To all you gentleman out there, do u know of all the types of men's shoes? Im here to list down all the types available in the market and those u ignore or couldnt be bothered at all, but actually has a name to it. Here goes..


Generally : All shoes that are slipper like and for casual nak pi kedai mamak kinda shoe
Slip-On Sandal

Criss Cross Slip-On Sandal

Thong Sandal

Strappy Sandal


Generally : All shoes that have laces on them.

Split Toe Laceys. If you can see the tip of the shoe has a trimming that joints 2 parts of leather. Thats why its called a Split-toe.

Front Cup Laceys. These shoes are common. As u can see, the front part of the shoe has a cup like trimming accross it.


Generally : All shoes that have a strap crossing with a buckle to hold. Sometimes they come in two straps.

Single Monk Strap

Single Monk Strap


Generally : Shoes that slipped onto feet without any laces.

Side Expansion Slip Ons. This shoe has a spandex like material attached on the sides to expand the shoe when u slip on.

Dressy Slip Ons. These shoes are usually for formal wear, but does not have the spandex thingy on the sides, but the sides are cut lower to ease wearing.


Generally : Shoes that have those little holes poked beautifully on them.

Wing Tip Oxfords. Its called wing tip because of the front portion that has wing like stitched leather.

Plain Oxfords


Generally : Shoes that have tassels on center shoe. Some people find it old fashion and suitable for the daddy's but i find it a classic and class..

Tassled Mocassins
Tassled Loafers


Generally : Its a bloody sneaker, what do u expect?

Hi-Top Sneakers

Normal Sneakers


Generally : Its a brother to the loafers, but the heels and sole are thicker and harder. This is subjective as different designer interprets these kind of shoes differently. Some call it moccasins, some may call it a loafer.




Generally : Shoes that are soft and usually able to fold into half. The soles are flexible.

Runner Loafers. Its named 'runner' from the sole design that looks like a running shoe. The soles go all the way to the rear of the shoe.



Generally : Shoes that have different patterned soles and to accommodate grip. It may look like a loafer, but the difference is at its sole.

Driving Shoes / Drivers

Driving Shoes


Generally : Shoes that are patent leather or shiny. Only to be worn with Tuxedos usually. But it can also be worn when one is in uniform.

Dress Laceys

Dress Pumps


Generally : Boots that are ankle high.

Expansion Desert Boots

Laceys Desert Boots

Also, knee length boots..picture not available. Please imagine.

Well..there you go..the family tree of the general types of men shoes. There are more but please take one step at a time. Please memorize them by heart as when u go shopping, the shop assistant will take u seriously. BELIEVE ME. When u know ur shoe, they wont bullshit you. Outsmart the shop assistant and you'll intimidate them.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fashion Tips

I get comments and emails from bloggers about what i posted in here. In terms of fashion. Some are just pathetically harsh and some just want advice and tips. Well, im here to explain it all to you. This post is only for the males. Ladies, im not interested in your fashion. I do adore the variety of fashion u female's have, but non would be applicable for a man nor within my interest to put it on.

Ok let me start..

You dont have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. Believe me, i dont do that either. You dont have to spend thousands of ringgit to look like a million bucks. With the right choice of clothing and accessories, you can look like a million bucks. Here i am to give my points on how to achieve that. If you dont agree, not my problem!


I believe that when u dress sharp, as in u wear a tie or a suit, try to get messy hair look. Not so messy, but somehow rather your hair looks natural or not so uptight. A lil tease can do. If your hair is gel perfect and your attire is also, it'll make u look uptight or trying too hard to get urself into that look. If everything else is perfect, one item should be a lil mess. Not so messy, a beautiful mess i mean.
Short Neat

Out of bed looks sexy with formal wear


This is what people look at firstly whenever or wherever. If you have long hair, having facial hair is not a bonus. Are you trying to APE yourself? Too many hair at one focal point is just a distraction. Enuf that u have long hair, facial hair doesn't go well with long haired people.

Bald or REALLY short hair man looks good with facial hair. Also, those with crew cut hair or short hair. Coz it balances the look. Not many people look good with the 'unshave look'. Please look in the mirror before you leave the house.

And PLEASE..trim your hair NOSTRILS. It's in the center of your face and u dont want people feel nauseous, coz it is VERY distracting for people when they talk to you. Even a single strand would distract the whole universe. It shows how poorly u look after yourself.

Eyebrow trimming depends. I would recommend it tho, but not many people dare to. It's not like your trying to look like Ziana Zain's, its just to get the brows look neat, not jungle like. Trim the ones in between both your brows and nose. You're not Freda Kahlo. Also a lil bit below the eyebrows, if its messy. Plucking 6-7 strands doesnt change your look into a women. Please dont go all drama with me.


After..nothing sissy bout it right? All women would trade their husbands for this man.

I also dont really believe in expensive facial grooming. Well, i think it depends. If you have skin issues, u may opt to get a more expensive ones hoping it would change your skin problems. Im lucky that my skin is good, and save on expensive facial products. I believe if you wash twice a day, and moisturize at least once a day, ur skin would be good. Exfoliate at least once a week with a scrub to remove sebum and dead cells on your skin.

Shirt / Tshirt / Polo Tee

I STRONGLY dont believe in spending more than RM250 for a shirt, unless if you're rich enuf or gotten urself a big fat bonus. You will tend to get bored with it after a while, and people usually remember more of what shirt u wear, compared to the other things.

All guys should have at least 2 sets of good quality WHITE dress or normal shirts. Spend a little on these as they are always in fashion and a classic, and will never go out of style. Get good quality ones, probably from a good designer, with good fabric and perfect cut. Dont buy cheap ones. Its a good investment as they will last longer. Buying plain colored shirts are also a good investment. You can wear them anytime.

Avoid : Cheap fabrics and anything under RM150

Go for : Zara Men, Massimo Dutti, and even FOS Outlet if your lucky. They have designer stuff there. Thomas Pink, Brook Brothers. Also Melium Warehouse

NEVER buy striped or squared patterned shirts from shops that sell them in bulk. Coz believe me, the next time u take the LRT to work, someone in the train might be wearing it. You dont want to share your look with others right? If the stripped shirt cost a lil somewhere RM200 and above, then its alrite. Coz not many people wud have that spending power, and some shops carry them in small quantity.

Avoid : Seed, Padini and anything like it.

Go for : Zara Men, Massimo Dutti, Thomas Pink, Brook Brothers, Banana Republic. And go reject shops or FOS outlets as well.

NEVER buy fancy tshirts from shops that sell them in bulk or on sale. BELIEVE me, the next time you go out clubbing, there will always be a faggot wearing it proudly. Try to find bargains from small shops and independent designers that carries small quantities.

Avoid : Topshop, Zara, Seed, Ck, AX etc.

Go for : Sg Wang shops, The Curve, Philosophy Men, Melium Outlet.


All men should have at least TWO belts in their wardrobe. One is a dress belt, another is a casual belt. You can also have only one belt, but a subtle silver metal head buckle with the right size, not to big, not to small belt. It can be worn with your office pants, also with your jeans. That would save alot. Spend a lil on it, as it is worn daily and its worth spending for.

Dress belt..for office wear or formals

Buckle belt for both casual and formals

NEVER buy belts that are lousy in buckle material. Dont buy belts that has the tarnish silver looking effect. It will 'cheapish' your whole attire. Try to get silver shiny ones. Shine always represents luxury. Something that's rusty looking doesnt really work. You must always ensure your belts matches your shoes. This is a rule.The material and whatever metal elements on it. I dont deny some people can be very edgy and wear loud colored belts with mismatch shoes, and wears them fabulously. Im teaching you to be safe. They're small number of those people out there. They're the male versions of Carrie Bradshaw. It matches their personality as well. Dont try to be innovative and daring tak kena'll end up looking SCARRIE Bradshaw. Please dont.

Its worth spending a lil for leather goods. They tend to last longer and something that u rarely replace.

Avoid : ANY BELTS hanging from departmental stores.

Go for : Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Ferragamo, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana. (jgn kedekot)


Working pants are safe in black or dark blue. For more casual looking, opt for khakis. Please avoid pleated pants, your not Denny Devito. Flat fronts are good and enhances your CUP. They make your penis look bulging in your pants. Its sexy yet obscene.
Pleated pants..God forbid.

Flat fronts..slimming

Avoid : Any shops that are pricey, as long as they fit nicely with the right seam length, shud be ok.

Go for : Seed, Padini, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Woods.

Always get yourself a good pair of jeans. All men should at least have 2 pairs in their stock. U dont have to spend much on jeans, unless if u have the money to throw. The fit is really important and the seams. Please dont have that seret seluar kinda look please. Ur not DBKL to have your jeans swiping the floor. Please ensure the lenght is just nice. Please throw away your STONED WASH jeans and only go out public with your dark denim jeans. Stoned wash are worn in stone age era. Its no longer usable. DISPOSE NOW.

Avoid : Anything that has patches, torn, motifs on them unless if u have 5 plain ones at home.

Go for : Levi's, TopMan, Zara, Lee Jeans, Seven Jeans. Start with clean classics ones before venturing into ribbed or torns.


Please dont wear socks with loafers when u wear them with jeans. It looks pathetic and eye soring. Black socks are always safe. Its a rule to wear ur socks colors that matches your pants. But this is very hard for men. Such a hassle to carry your pants around the mall to get the right set of socks. Dont have to do that. Black socks are safe.


All man should at least have TWO (I cant believe im saying this when i have god knows) pair of good quality shoes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spend a lil on good shoes. if you're so kedekut, then get a pair of good qualtity Moccasins. They can be worn both for work and also for casual. Please dont wear loafers to work with office pants. Its FUGLY. Please get them in good quality leather and design. DONT be ambitious by getting anything that has complicated stitchings on it. You can do with a simple black, or dark brown, good quality leather shoes. It will last long, if you get the good ones. And good ones dont come cheap. Its an it will last..and last..jangan kau pakai berlari padang plak..

Get shoes that has nice details on them. If you have 1 plain blacks, dont buy them 2. Get another with a buckle or something. It enhances your foot. For snekers, im no pro in that, coz i dont own any. If some girls only wears stilletos and no flats, i am the man who only wears mocs and loafers and no sneakers.


Mocassins..for office or casual outings with jeans

Avoid : Anything below RM300

Go for : Anything from the reasonable Zara untill the outrageous Hermes. Gucci and Ferragamo has always been good with design and detailings. Parkson has good stuff as well.


U dont have to spend like a trillion bucks to have a piece of art on your wrist. There are watches out there that looks like a million dollars but are very reasonably priced and has the same effect. U just to have an eye for exquisiteness.

Avoid : Anything below RM500

Go for : Guess, GC, Emporio Armani, Tissot, etc.

Well, the main lesson is that, u can always fool people, looking like a million dollar fashionista,whereas people dont know that u spend so little to look good.

My summary would be:

1) U must have a good expensive looking watch, but doesnt have to be expensive.
2) Invest on expensive shoes and belts (leather goods). u dont need a whole lot of it, but everything else will fall nicely on your attire, if u have at least a good one.
3) If you're not daring enuf, just go with plain shirts or t-shirts. its subtle yet classy.
4) NEVER wear anything more than 3 COLORS in an outfit. Your not a CLOWN.

The things that i post previously in here are merely things of accessories and shoes, that are probably outrageous in price. But if u have a good eye for things that looks luxurious and tasteful, u can find something of similar look at normal shopping malls. U just need to have..TASTE..and there's no harm of dreaming..

"You dont have to spend thousands to look like me a million bucks..U can look like a million bucks..only if you have good taste and know where to get the look"