Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prada 2007 Accessories Catalogue

It's finally here..this season's accessories bible that i've been waiting for. Mine was lost in the mail. I called Prada KLCC, and they said they mailed it to all their customers. I then said

Me : Im calling to ask when my catalogue is coming? My fren Irwan got his already and he lives all the way in Kuantan.

Prada : Yes Mr Raja, we have already sent out all the catalogues last week. maybe its on its way.

Me : Are you sure? Why does is take faster to reach KUANTAN than KL?? You detoured my post?

Prada : No Mr Raja, im sure it is, your name has been in our mailing list. i will check again for you. I will call you if there's any info about it.

Me : Thank you.

(Half an hour later)

Prada : Hello Mr Raja, its Prada KLCC.

Me : Yes.

Prada : We post it at your Kajang address. You should have gotten it last week already.

Me : Haa? Kajang address? uhhmm..i no longer live there and we moved to PJ 2 months back. No wonder. Well, my mistake of not updating my mailing address.

Prada : No problem Mr Raja, you want us to resend a new one to your current address?

Me : No, its alrite. I got it already from my fren. Same thing right? Not that there's a special discount on mine. Is there??

Prada : *Giggles* No Mr Raja, its all the same. Anyway, is there anything else i can help you on?

Me : Nah, thanks anyway. I shouldn't look at it in the first place. Now i'll be having sleepless nights. Ok then, thanks again.

Prada : Sure do. Bye.

* Thank you to my dear fren Irwan for the breakfast at Impiana Hotel this morning, and putting my first smile of the day with this catalogue for breakfast. Kenyang sangaaatt...hihi..*

My breakfast and smile for the day

The black bracelet that made my eye popped out this morning. RM 620 jer..waaaa..kalau XXX tahu mesti tak bagi..

Stuff to damage your wallet

and more..

and more..and more..and more pages of luxury accesories that will blind you..

It's all stuff to damage your wallet, and at the same time they're offering you the latest wallet for the season. Isn't it ironic?