Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Type of Men's Shoes

To all you gentleman out there, do u know of all the types of men's shoes? Im here to list down all the types available in the market and those u ignore or couldnt be bothered at all, but actually has a name to it. Here goes..


Generally : All shoes that are slipper like and for casual nak pi kedai mamak kinda shoe
Slip-On Sandal

Criss Cross Slip-On Sandal

Thong Sandal

Strappy Sandal


Generally : All shoes that have laces on them.

Split Toe Laceys. If you can see the tip of the shoe has a trimming that joints 2 parts of leather. Thats why its called a Split-toe.

Front Cup Laceys. These shoes are common. As u can see, the front part of the shoe has a cup like trimming accross it.


Generally : All shoes that have a strap crossing with a buckle to hold. Sometimes they come in two straps.

Single Monk Strap

Single Monk Strap


Generally : Shoes that slipped onto feet without any laces.

Side Expansion Slip Ons. This shoe has a spandex like material attached on the sides to expand the shoe when u slip on.

Dressy Slip Ons. These shoes are usually for formal wear, but does not have the spandex thingy on the sides, but the sides are cut lower to ease wearing.


Generally : Shoes that have those little holes poked beautifully on them.

Wing Tip Oxfords. Its called wing tip because of the front portion that has wing like stitched leather.

Plain Oxfords


Generally : Shoes that have tassels on center shoe. Some people find it old fashion and suitable for the daddy's but i find it a classic and class..

Tassled Mocassins
Tassled Loafers


Generally : Its a bloody sneaker, what do u expect?

Hi-Top Sneakers

Normal Sneakers


Generally : Its a brother to the loafers, but the heels and sole are thicker and harder. This is subjective as different designer interprets these kind of shoes differently. Some call it moccasins, some may call it a loafer.




Generally : Shoes that are soft and usually able to fold into half. The soles are flexible.

Runner Loafers. Its named 'runner' from the sole design that looks like a running shoe. The soles go all the way to the rear of the shoe.



Generally : Shoes that have different patterned soles and to accommodate grip. It may look like a loafer, but the difference is at its sole.

Driving Shoes / Drivers

Driving Shoes


Generally : Shoes that are patent leather or shiny. Only to be worn with Tuxedos usually. But it can also be worn when one is in uniform.

Dress Laceys

Dress Pumps


Generally : Boots that are ankle high.

Expansion Desert Boots

Laceys Desert Boots

Also, knee length boots..picture not available. Please imagine.

Well..there you go..the family tree of the general types of men shoes. There are more but please take one step at a time. Please memorize them by heart as when u go shopping, the shop assistant will take u seriously. BELIEVE ME. When u know ur shoe, they wont bullshit you. Outsmart the shop assistant and you'll intimidate them.