Sunday, December 2, 2007


I was doing my valuation for my contractor's progress payment last week. Everytime i go down to the site, the workers will tend to stare and give me this look. It felt like a cun chick toeing into the stinky territory and so many horny indon and bangla workers waiting to gang bang me. Well, that's not what i want. It's a just a scenario. I'm no lady and also proud to be a man. Well, not all that man, but still a man, just not the same like any other man. But manly. Ok whatever..anyway.. I think they probably think that what i wear is so not 'site material'. More like 'mall material' and go like Mr Polish is in the house.

Anyway, i was bored while waiting for my unfortunate looking consultants to arrive. I took some pictures of my project that hopefully i will not screw the accounts and profitability.

The cabin where our site meeting is held

Piling works are in progress

Cutting off pile head

I know all of you must have been wondering why on earth am i doing this kind of job and referring to the things i post here is so unrelated to the kind of work i do. Well..thats what u call a job...and an interest. I also need the balance of being all bimbo and being manly and macho. This helps. haha..

If i get to work the job that's the same of my interest, boooom!! You'll be looking at the next Editor in Chief of Details i wishhhhh....but life is not all that fair..but i can live with it..