Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday Splurge?

Im now officially 26 years old. Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes thu sms's and unanswered calls from me. I can do with sms's, but no birthday wishing calls on my birthday, except for my dear loved ones. Ex-bf's, ex-dates, long lost childhood frens, heartbreakers, money borrowers, trashynistas & my dearest socialite frens are not in those list. My apology. Just that i like to spend the day by myself and enjoying it alone..thank you also for all the plans made for me like dinner and lunch treats. I will make do for it in the near future. Just not on the day. I hope all of you understand.

Hmm..i wish to splurge on myself but still thinking what to get. Im financially tight this month all due to the FUCKING HR Executive who screwed up my salary and had a MAJOR salary cut that i dont even want to explain it here. ^&%&^$#$$^#^!!!

Anyway..i have these things in mind and trying to see which is the best and AFFORDABLE for me to get.

Aahh..nice gentleman ayy..i thot to replace my dear 8 year old watch..

Affordability : To starve for 2 weeks

or this Nokia 6300 to replace my calar balar sedih looking pathetic last 4 season handphone

Affordability: Cash and carry. Murah jerr..

in red..

or in grey

this dreamy fabulous Fall Winter 2007 Prada sneakers that i have my undying love for..

Affordability: 1.5 months of no nutritious food.

this gorgeous 32 inch Samsung Plasma tv to replace my ever sad small old 14 inch tv set..

Affordability: 2 months of no nutritious food, no outings and no life. Tapi dah ada this fantabulous tv kat umah, why go out rite?

This is so hard to decide!! It's worse then deciding what to wear every morning!! Heeeyyyy...think ezwan..think!!