Thursday, November 22, 2007

10 Richest Man In Malaysia

I got this article from a fren who forwarded to me by email. Look at all this super rich malaysian men and tell me what they have in common.

The answer is..they're all unfortunate looking. Dont get me started with Syed Mokhtar's eyebrows and Lim Goh Tong's shirt. Is it a shirt?

But no doubt they're all successful homosapiens. Not even a Giorgio or Brioni suit can change their looks. Lucky for us, the financially challenged beautifully created by god people, we still have look good i mean. Kan??

Who said god is not fair?

And the richest man alive looks like this..

Bill Gates of Microsoft

To all you gorgeous men out there, let us all try to change the look of this list shall we? But again, we cant have everything...Can we?

Here's a tip that i learned when someone looks down on you or when u feel inferiority complex being around someone u feel more superior than you:

1) Compare your age coz money can never buy youth, not even Botox can superceed god's natural creations.

2) Compare your hipness or social skills. Confidence level is always a booster.

3) Always believe that you're fabulous no matter what. Even if u wear glasses coz glasses represents intelligence.

4) Compare what u have at the moment in terms of fashion, the city, and the life surrounding you with what they have when they were your age. In other words, they're enjoying the same things u enjoy, but an older age. Thats pathetic but the wheel will turn as u will feel the same when u reach their age. But its a plus point for you and thank god u didnt get the experience during their era.

5) Believe that when u go to clubs or bars, your still accepted and not seen like a fossil dropped on the dance floor. You're still hip. Being young is hip.

6) When feeling that others have more than you, take it as something that u think is a waste and unnecessarily spent on, or, u can actually be proud of them for their achievement to have what they have. That's always healthier. Just be happy, not envy.

7) Last, in terms of career, compare to those your age group, and compete from there. Dont waste time comparing urself to a company CEO coz ur brains are not aligned with theirs. They use it longer then you. In terms of materialistics, compare to those who are less fortunate, and wish to be in your shoes..and rethink that Plasma Tv u wish to have hanging in your room wall wheras less fortunate people would be so grateful of that 14 inch Tv u have at the moment. *ehh..anyway..*

Then you know where u stand..and how grateful you are..even when you're not the richest man alive. Its hard..but life IS fair..