Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bronze's The New Silver (Part 1)

I just can help it but to browse thru shoe websites every morning when i arrive work. Then dreaming them to fit into my foot and wishing that im filthy rich to actually wear different pairs daily for the whole year..which means i wud own 365 pairs of fabulous shoes all year round..aaahhh..

Anyway, the discovery of this seasons hottest colors..anything that's BRONZE..its'll go well in your party ensembles, and pub & bars cantikk okaaayy..
Throw away your silver or gold shiny shoes people...thats a passe'...

Here are the nominess..

Salvatore Ferragamo's bronze dressers

Gucci Copper colored mocassins

Gucci bronze colored mocassins

Tod's bronze colored sneakers

Such fab shoes..with a tag that can starve you..FOOD of FOOT? Your pick...U'll definitely know what mine is.. =)

*There are several other shoes im suppose to post but my boss just got it. biatch.*