Monday, November 19, 2007

KL Fashion Week 2007

Last Sunday evening was the KL Fashion Week 2007, for the KL Six designers. I would say, the evening that all fashion people were waiting for as the best Malaysian designers all lined up in one show.

It was also an event that was filled with gaymen at every 3 cm's of wherever you are standing. From the utmost sissy to the average butch gaymen. I have to say, i got to compliment everyones effort to dress up and looked smashing. Well, gaymen never dress bad..except for Kee Wai Chee and sewaktu dengannya..

He's like the chinese version of Azwan Ali..scarryy kan?

The KL Six are the 6 known designers comprising of:

Rizalman Ibrahim
Dato' Tom Abang Saufi
Radzuan Radziwill
Sonny San
Melinda Looi
Eric Choong

The event was filled with fashion people, KL's socialites, press and buyers. Ziana Zain opened Rizalman's show with a catwalk on the runaway and almost fell. She was all bubbly and since she's not a model, she's forgiven. Majority of the models were foreign models who CANNOT WALK AT ALL and thinking if i were to send my frens on the runaway and put on wigs, you'll feel like being at Paris Fashion Week. TRUST ME.

Just because they look mat salleh, some people think it adds up the international look for the industry whereas i think we're far off better with our Malaysian malay or chinese models, such as Tengku Azura who graced the catwalk like a supermodel, and also Tinie who was so fierce and deserved her Model of The Year titile. The others were...pathetic..ada yang jalan senget lagi..its so pathetic..nak muka mat salleh sangat lah kan?

In terms of the clothes showcased, it was an event that emphasized on silhouettes as most of the designers used flowy materials on their clothes and the type of fabrics. Well, not all of them were that good nor that awful. I applaud for the effort and the workmanship of some of the designers, except for Eric Choong. His clothes were the worse i have ever seen. SERIOUSLY. How on earth did this guy became a designer?

Anyway, here are some of the pix taken.

The was a long stretch and simply cool and classy.

Tengku Azura strutting down in Radzuan's design.

The fashionista clans who sat front row and 2nd row. We got our VIP invites.hehe..

With my best fren Aziz..smoking away before the event starts..

and the closing where all the designers appear together on the runaway for the finale..