Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bimbo Moment

If u remember my previous postings, those of last year..about experiencing Bimbo Moment..im here to share a good one with u, but it came from a fren. About the new Dunhill Cigarettes.

The Bimbo Girl had smoke the new Dunhill special blend, that cost probably RM4 more than the usual cigarettes. Here's the conversation between me & her;

Me : I ran out of ciggies, can i have one from you?

Bimbo: Sure, take lah.

Me: It's a Dunhill. Mesti kuat. Especially this new one. Mahal lagi kan?

Bimbo : A'ah..mahal dalam RM4 kot. It's not strong lah.

Me : (After trying them) OMG, its quite strong lah (cough..cough..)

Bimbo : Taaakk..its the mild one..(padahal its the latest version from the old one, tukar packaging jer)

Me : What makes u say its mild? Its the same like dulu punya but packaging je lain.

Bimbo : U see the side of the box lah..I bought the one 14's...kalau yang 20's tu strong lagi lah..the nicotine level is different..

Me : Hahahahahahahahahahaha....Thats HILLARIOUS!!! (Nak pecah perut i)..for your info, the number at the sides of the flip top box represents the NUMBER OF CIGARETTES in the box DOINK! NOT the nicotine level!! U nak ke isap rokok 14 miligram nicotine where normal ciggies only have 1.5mg?? kau ingat ni tar kat jalan raya tuh??

Bimbo : OMG, ye ker..(blushing with stupidity all over head forehead) all this time i beli 14's pasal ingat kurang nicotine and tak sesak nafas sangat..


This is an original BIMBO MOMENT...till next time..