Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Must Haves Shirts

I believe that all Men should have all this hanging in their closet. U should own the classics. It may cost u a fortune, but its a forever to be worn. Im on my way to have all these classic essentials.

The Burberry signature plaid shirt. Now it comes in many colors. Choose any. Price between RM1,200 - RM1,700. Depending on material.

The Paul Smith signature vertical multicolored pattern shirt. Price ranging from RM1,200-RM1,900.

The Thomas Pink White Dress Shirt. Its one of the best shirt makers, after Brioni. I read all the reviews and touched the material myself, no crumples. You'll look good 24/7 like just stepped out of the house. Price ranging from RM700-RM1,500.

The Prada Solid Color Shirt. Comes in many colors. So i read the material will never gather dust and has this electrostatic effect that kicks out dust from settling onto it. I know it sounds crappy, but whatever. Cant wait for the flagship store at Pavillion to be opened. Im eyeing for their jeans & any solid color dress shirts. Jeans price ranging from RM1,600-RM3,000. Solid shirts price ranging from RM1,100-RM2,000.

Lets all work our way to own all these essentials shall we..? Start starving & saving. Haha..