Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Im Upset

When i was in Jakarta few weeks back, i had ordered a custom made bed sheet. I was dreaming to sleep in a Ralph Lauren design, but as you all know, it cost half of my Malaysian made car. So i opt to have mine custom made that looked similar to a Ralph Lauren home bedsheet, but never to have he same feeling of thread count. But who cares, as long as its nice..

It took 10 days for them to get it stay wasnt that long, so i had to wait for it as my mum was to fly there again to look after my nephew, and would bring it back when its mum got home today, she called in and informed me my sheets were with her..i was thrilled!

I ordered a 4 piece pillow case, 1 duvet cover and a 1 fitted bed sheet..believe me, it cost me only RM120..the material was excellent..with my taste and detail, i strongly believe it was worth the money..the sales girl did ask me "pak, mau bantal panjang (bolster) ngak?" i told her "Ngak mau..gue ngak pakei yang ituh..loh bikin empat pillow case aja mbak..usah lupa yg duvet sama fittednya skali ya"..she said "ok pak.."

Before leaving for PJ to head over my parents place, i was so excited that i cleaned my room (not was it dirty or dusty but i just arranged some stuff) and removed my old black u know, im into monochromatic colors, and to make way for my gorgeous new sheets..

When i arrived at my parents, i rushed & took off my slippers like a small kid rushing into a house craving for chocolates, and saw my sheets were on the table. I opened it to check. To my SHOCKING SUPRISE, there were mistakes in my order.

There were duvet cover, fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases and 2 BOLSTER CASES!!! I wanted to scream as I DIDNT ASK FOR A FUCKING BOLSTER COVER!! And there were TWO!! Ohh myyy gawddd..

My heart was crushed, how am i to sleep tonite?? I have this behaviour of only sleeping with matching sheets as unmatched sheets wud just give me headaches..SERIOUSLY..this is due to my obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) behaviour..that things shud be arranged in a way & color coodination is important in daily life..I WAS CRUSHED..

I called my sister to inform her of the mistake..i even tried to improvised the bolster case to turn it into a pillow case, i was even willing to SEW them tonite..i wud go that far..but mom adviced me it was impossible..coz the bolster case was much smaller than a pillow case.

Called my sister again.screamed at her for not checking the sheets when it arrived at her home in Jakarta..she then told me to send it back to Jakarta, and get the stupid shop to redo the mistakes..a family member is flying to jakarta this sunday, and will get him to bring it with him..

Im so bloody stress..and so sad that it didnt turn out the way i wanted..and now had to wait..LONGER..since i am already excited about the current sheets, i am using it tonite..i even ironed ALL THE SHEETS to ensure i sleep in perfection..with no lines or took me 1.5 hours to finish ironing..

This was before..all black..gentleman style..

This is the half way new sheets..

It was supposed to be an all white bed...i was planning to create the luxury resort like ambiance for my room..arrggggghhhhh..