Thursday, July 31, 2008

Organized Tool Box

I was on leave for 2 days, coz i was down with light fever but bad flu. So, i decided to stay home. I was so bored at home and my hand started to shiver, as i had to do something at home.

I couldn't sit still. I just had to do something to make myself busy and 'happy'. As i toured the whole house to find errors for me to correct, i discovered that my wall clock wasnt centered and aligned to my LCD tv that was placed in the center of the wall. So, i decided to get me nails & hammer it to the center of the wall.

As i approached my cabinet, i got hold of my tool box..and to my surprise, I've forgotten about its condition!

My was screaming for help when i saw could I've forgotten to arrange them accordingly?? It was eye soaring for u know what i did..

Aahh..i love my tupperwares..i knew i cud use it for something other than storing food..i dont keep food in the house anyway..Im getting it all labeled. Its not something crazy! Why wud ppl think its a crazy thing to do when u can save time looking for something?

Anyhow, i did say 2 days leave right? This is day one project..wait till i show u what i did in day 2 of my leave..