Friday, November 24, 2006

New breed of pathetic straight men..

I've been meaning to share my experience about the issue im bout to elaborate & to just letting it out..I found that there's a new breed of men. I would call them pathetic losers.its about guy's who are willing to sacrifice their girlfriends for something in return..such as wealth, money, materials and as such..

This new breed of men are only found in the straight people's community…gay men can still come to their senses and think 'straight'…

I know 5 lady frens..3 are real ladies and 2 are unreal ladies (drag, nyah, whatever u call it), who are experiencing this scenario..

The story goes like this..they all have boyfrens who love and care for them very much..their boyfrens can only offer love, attention but very little for the lady's closet department. Shoes, bags, perfumes, cosmetics, money, fine dining, latest mobile phones,fancy apartments, cars, etc…with high taste, their boyfrens are lacking to provide that side of the department. With that, these ladies (straight & drags) tend to search for "extra source of income" getting to know datuk's, expatriates, and whoever that can fulfill their material needs..even by sleeping with these kind of men to gain designer items that they cant afford themselves. The problem is, even their boyfrens are well aware about it but just tend to ignore the backstage preparation, just wanting to enjoy the show on stage. Their girlfrens all stylo and for other mates to get envy off. And also taking advantage of all the "hard" work that's abusing their girlfriends sexually & staying in such apartment and living everyday with such luxuries on their girlfren's expense from all the work done..

Where are all the men's ego gone to? Does the word ego still exist in heterosexuals? As far as I know off, gaymen are very protective of their partners and if u think u got something better & someone provides u more then what the other can present, by all means..go. I don't think gay relationships can tolerate this kind of behavior. There will be too much hair pulling, sarcasm and swearing going on the end of the day, one person win-win situation..someone has to go..

I can never tolerate if my partner has to sleep around just because I cant provide him materials and gifts he's been craving for. I would have boiled hot water with used mop and pour it onto him while sleeping..thats just bloody rude! I would have kicked his ass out of my life instantly! These guys are there and accepting the fact that their girlfrens are object to satisfy other men. Being there to support the ladies to gather as much "victories" as they can..what bastards are these men categorized in? For the hetero's, what if u get married someday? Will he still be 'whoring' u to others? Is it like a business proposition? Its pathetic…so pathetic..straight men are suppose to look after the ladies and being the macho men they're suppose too..but in this case..they're better off as stray dogs. Its also pathetic for the ladies & "ladies" who have relationships with such boyfrens…if u think they cant provide enuff of what u want, and the other party could, whether sexually, materially or love, dump the losers..but most of the ladies still stick to their loser boyfrens..being proud of their achievements with what they earn thru out the whole journey of acidizing those rich men..

I strongly life..what u do to others..there will be others who shall do the same to you..

How pathetic..