Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Transformers The Movie 1986

I've been searching for this movie for a VERY LONG TIME..its the original transformers the movie. Saw it the last time when i was in primary school. It was the BEST ever cartoon for me. They dont have it here in KL, or i have yet to search every shops. The one they have on sale here are the non original ones, as in remake by the japanese or gawd knows who ever, the story line, their character voices was all not as fun as this original as i used to watch when i was a tiny boy.

The best part of it would be when Megatron turned into Galavatron and Hot Rod turned into i fogot what his new name was, and the more reason for me to find this DVD..

Original Transformers the Movie, 1986.

i experienced a rush of orgasm after viewing this video..im gonna find it at Speedy videos..