Monday, September 24, 2007


I've had glasses since my uni years. It has been almost 7 years that i've not updated my glasses. I dont like the idea to wear contact lenses nor will i wear glasses. The thing is, i have astigmatism(rabun malam). Usually, at 6.00pm onwards, my eye sight would go all blurry & lights would bubble up thus making my vision pathetic. Nowadays, my vision has gotten worse and i tried to ignore it, but its bothering me a lot.

My frens say that im ignoring the fact that im getting "OLD". Isn't that rude?? so kurang hajar u ollss..i'm only 26 this year you bloody bitches. Im young, fabulous and so many things awaits me in future. Anyway, the thing about this post is that im so sad and upset that my Emporio Armani drivies (comes from the word drive and movie) glasses is officially....BROKEN.

I have it with me for 6 years. The screw had broken and the joints have so called rusted. Its so lama dah i owned those glasses. The memories that i had worn during my classes at Uni. Now, driving at nite is such a hassle that sometimes its dangerous for me.. I need new glasses now and bloody &)%$#$@. That will cost money and so sakit hati..Will hunt for one soon..duittt laggiiii....bye2 my little armani..