Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Lift

Today was such a busy day for me..not at work, but outside doing work and also doing some errants. I gotto work at about 9.00am. As i got infront of the office door, it was still locked! I happen to be the first person to arrive at work today. Biadap sangat. Officially, our working starts at 8.30am, but everyone just being so taiko and datang so the very lambat..fine. I was the person to so called potong reben and got myself in.

Before that, something irritating happened on my way up to the office. I experience a very uncomfortable situation in the lift this morning where 3 malay PLU's were in the lift with me. there were soh..seh..soh..seh..(gossiping) and i could here the word 'cover' and 'tu lah' somewhere in their sentence..sambil tergiggle2 manja kakak2 3 orang itiew..sakit hati plak bila terdengar..3 againts 1, i just remain quiet (dlm hati berkata "nanti kau!")

The smell inside the lift was just outrageous due to the combination of 4 strong perfume smelling men (men ker??) and filled the air of the small lift car that is so..SMALL. I felt nauseous and almost wanted to faint probably because the air composition in the lift had only left with 20% of oxygen and 80% was the smell of an overdosed alcohol perfume coming from 4 queens. One of them was ok looking, whereas the other 2, sadly, couldnt be saved. Even with a Creme De La Mer Moisturizer that cost RM1,000 for 30 ounce, kelopakan cinta dimuka mereka berdua agak sebesar planet mars..Finally they got out at Level 27 and tergetik2 when they left. As the door shut, i know, deep down, i shall have my revenge fo them. Sakit hati teramat sangat..sambil mengetap-ngetap gigi kat bibir yang lucious ni..

Nobody can mess with>>>Yang Teramat Mulia Toh Puan Tunku Putri Menjalara Intan Bendahara Dihilir Che Engku Seri Paduka Perempuan Muda Seri Nara Lelawangsa Hajjah Raja Eleena Safia Kasih binti YM Raja Safian, isteri tercinta Yang Teramat Mulia AAA.

Ketua Pemuda Isteri-Isteri Sosialit Pembesar Muslimah-La Queen)

I will ensure they will suffer the just waiting for the chance to bump into either one of them soon with my whole clan..especially at the club or pubs or just between me and them anywhere at my workplace..and give them the latest version of my clans mean girls attitude...Nanti kau..