Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dear Mr Derek Lam of Tod's..

Dear Mr Derek Lam,

I was at KLCC with my best buddies. Then suddenly my heart beat stopped as i saw these gorgeous pair of driving tassled oxfords. I know u as the Creative Director of the fablous Tods. I got a little bit retarded and got my finger prints all over the window display and i was practically drooling all over it. I then dragged my fag hag fren, Sharline into your shop and had had had to try it on to see how it looked like on my feet.

For your info, i was also wearing your last season's Spring Summer 2007 hottest gorgeous Gommini driving shoe of patent leather. Without delay, i slipped off my driving shoes and slipped on your new Fall / Winter 2007 loafers, size 8 1/2. I felt like a queen for a minute when i had the shoe on me and walked towards the mirror for view.

I know its no glass slipper of cinderella's...but it was a glass slipper for me..for this season lah..It best worn with dark washed denim jeans..Its a classic look with a touch of class..simply elegant..

I would like to congratulate you for the fantabulous design, comfort and class on every inch of the shoe. Im just..speechles..and lost of words to describe how indeed obsessed i am with this shoe..

With a price tag of RM1,400...i consider it reasonable...well, compared to a Prada, Gucci or Ferragamo that cost minimum RM1,900 a pair..Louis Vuitton, mind you, starts at RM2,300...where at this point in life, im no near a Louis Vuitton. I could still starve for a Prada, Gucci or Ferragamo shoe. If i afford an LV, i would have died of starvation due to lack of nutrients & bankruptcy coz every penny i have would all be distributed to my feet instead of other parts of my body and bones.

Just to let u know, i love what u created..im just...head over heals and still trying to get back to earth..coz im still floating in space..dreaming of flying with those loafers on me...

visit www.tods.com for further excitement and stress.