Monday, September 3, 2007

Home Makeover

I was at home last weekend for 6 days in a row..2 days (Wednesday & Thursday) was on MC, Friday was the Merdeka Public Holiday. I had to stay home with my leaking nose and killer sore throat..

Well, what did i do for 6 days when i was at home? Those who know me well would definitely house was totally bacteria free, everything was in super order and dust free for all 6 kitchen, my room, my living and my toilet looked like i lived in a showroom at Ikea. In order, aligned and too scary for others to actually live in it..i find it homely, others may find it rigid, not homely and like a living Courts Mamooth commercial..well..welcome to the world of the living "Stepford Wives Club"...they do exist..never get them bored at home or staying too long in a house.things might get too...CLEAN..

After the 4th day, believe me, i ran out of things to arrange, clean, tagged or scrub..then i decided to leave the house to get me sane for a while and away from perfection.

I think thats why my housemates tend to mess up the order for me to get buzy, and not perfectionalised their living..

Here are the displays..

Call me a freak of nature, but no Sean Cody porn could give me the orgasm i experienced after creating this dust & bacteria free environment..not even a single particule..nada! I LOVE ME.