Monday, September 17, 2007

My ambition

Dear God,

Bismillah hirrahma nirrahim..

I will work hard to own these gorgeous pair of shoes. If i own them, it means that i've achieve what i want in life, i've made it in life & nothin else matters in the world. I will promise to behave and never leave my prayers behind. Also, im ever willing to turn straight if its the requirement to own these fabulous work of art by Salvatore Ferragamo.

I promise not to be cruel, mean, garang and cold towards people around me. I will also promise not ever to shop on expensive footwear again. Only if i own this pair, then i would stop. If not, i would still do it. So, better let me own them. Or else, im just 25 pairs away from the selling price of this shoe. Well, another 10 years probably would get me 25 new pairs of shoes..anyway, this shoe picture will be hung in my house and framed nicely. It will act as my ambition, my target and what fulfills my life..Knowing there's something out there..waiting for me..

Salvatore Ferragamo Alligator Skin Laceys

Priced - USD$ 7,500 or RM 28,500