Friday, June 27, 2008

Beauty & The Beast The Musical

The costumes were bit disappointed. The sound system was also poor. I was highly disturbed during the first part before intermission due to a noise coming from this annoying teenage girl who sat next to me and 'giggled' at every 5 minutes. She wasn't giggling, more to screaming..

She just reminded me the reason i dont go movies..i can stand idiotic individuals. I rather pay RM30 to sit in the Golden Class and have a piece of mind watching a movie, rather than RM11 to be seated with bastards.

After experiencing this play, i think the Malaysian musical PGL & P.Ramlee is worth watching..and i solute Tiara for her effort..this international musical was only half the performance & entertainment. I believe the shows in London were better. I did check out their website. Costumes were better.