Monday, February 11, 2008

How Luxury Lost Its Luster

Its a book written by Dana Thomas. This book has been published quite sometime and i have been longing to read this 'all exposed' book about the fashion world. How they came about and how we are all stupid consumers who pay RM 2,500 for a pair of 'Made In Italy' made shoes only to know the origins was 'Made in Vietnam'.

Also insights on how the fake industry is so good now that they actually use the same material & stitchings as their original counterparts in Italy. Is it still called a fake? Even the originals are faking their Made In Italy's whereas their manufactured in Vietnam. Same material, same workmanships, and many more inside stories all in this book.

How do you describe luxury when anybody can afford it these days? mark up the prices to get a smaller group to earn them? My recommendation for pleasure reading and get points.