Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Most Expensive Store For Men

Located at 420 Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills sits The House Of Bijan boutique, the most expensive store in the world. After researching this "fact" it appears to remain unchallenged and accepted, apparently no other stores are vying for the title. From the outside the Bijan boutique is exquisite yet slightly uninviting. The names of some of Mr. Bijan's well-known clients are engraved on the front window of the boutique and an appointment is the only way to gain access into this exclusive world, where a pair of socks will cost you RM150. A suit, RM165,000. In 1981, Bijan created the first perfume for men, the 6 oz. bottle is now priced at RM10,000. The Bijan perfume bottle is a featured exhibit at the Smithsonian! Mr. Bijan's exclusive designs now include suits, shirts, ties, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and watches, briefcases, luggage and, of course, fragrances.