Wednesday, February 13, 2008

House On Fire

Last weekend was a sad weekend for my office mate, Nini..She was at her hometown when her house caught fire. The entire wet kitchen got burnt down. She just moved in her new condo & exactly 1 month after this tragedy came about. The last time i was at her place was during her renovation works (a month back) as she requested a quantity surveyor's expertise (thats me) to monitor & she had some claims dispute with the contractor & i was there as the mediator.

Also, through out my entire 4 years working in construction, being in her 950 sq ft condo was the FIRST EVER EXPERIENCE i was ALL DIRTY. My jeans was smothered with god knows white chalk like dust from the plastering, my Prada shoes were hardly visible and moulded with god knows what substance on the floor. I not only was FORCED to put a jacket on as she thought my shirt was TOO TIGHT and not serious enuff to frightened the contractor. I was practically SWEATING my hairless armpit out in that biker jacket, so that i would look more "SERIOUS" & "BUTCH LIKE". What a biatch. are the captions this afternoon when i was at the scene to assist her with the umbrella like hair insurance guy..

The wet kitchen view from the corridoor

Since she wasnt home, the security guard had to break into her unit through the balcony and broke her sliding door glass to stop the fire

Her new RM1,000 washing machine was burnt

The toilet window facing the wet kitchen & the drying rail

Her kitchen sink & cooking place

I have my deepest sympathy for her and her loss. Dont worry Nini, the umbrella haired insurance guy will get u compensated accordingly and get you to replace your losses.

Since her house was a big mess, me being me, polite & sick, i couldnt help it but to enjoy by volunteering to swipe the broken glasses off the floor. Then i got turned off when i was handed this item to perform the task im obsessed of doing.

On gods earth what the hell is this freaking thing Nini?? Is that some old mens tupe or wig sewned on a stick coz it seems to be parted in the center!? Or do you use it to fly to work or perform some witchcraft?? SERIOUSLY..get a bloody broom! why didnt it get burnt!!!
Im dissapointed. Being frens with me have taught u nothing.

*oh..and im sorry for your loss..again..*