Sunday, February 17, 2008

World's Cheapest Car

This car was in the news sometime ago..Its the cheapest car in the world produced by Tata Motors of India. It cost cheaper than a Louis Vuitton luggage my frens..retail at RM8,300 only. SERIOUSLY. If this car enters Malaysian market, every tom, dick & harry would be driving. Nobody would take the LRT anymore and u can say goodbye to our not so proud Proton & competitor PeroDua. Once these babies are out, all other middle range cars will face a drop in sales. Face it, people want things that are god damn bloody stinking cheap that has half of the same functions. But most importantly, it can take you from one point to another, without killing your finances.

Uhm..i dont see the difference between Standard & Luxury here..Extra tires probably?

Ok..a car or this luggage bag?