Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prada Fall Winter 08/09

Prada has recently showed off their Fall Winter 2008/2009 collection and i have 100% against the entire collection. I know she's knowned to be the 'designers' designer where her creations are all 'original'. As u can see some other designers tend to copy each other's designs, and there will be similar looking designs coming from different designers. Probably thats what u call the 'trend' for that particular season. One designer would come out with studded bags, so will other designers and it would become the 'IT' merchandise for that season. Miucca Prada is knowned to create her own 'styles' and never once come out with a similar merchandise or fashion as compared to other designers. Thats why she's knowned to be the designers designer. And the price you pay for her stuff, are always, one of a kind..

But this is just too horrific for me. Her latest stuff on the runaway. I would never be caught DEAD in anything similar to this. No gentleman would want to look like this. Im dissapointed in Prada. But no doubt, its something different, but when u try too hard to be different, u tend to produce..GARBAGE.

The entire Fall Winter 08/09

the sissyfication of it the new trend??

lil' tutu skirts for anyone?

Layering of 2-piece swimwear like? whats this?? It's actually a vest..

are trying to look like the modern superman?

But these are something to look at..i agree with these two moderned shirts..

sexy ay..? for party wear..

and this too..

Well, u dont need to get a Prada to look like you're wearing a pretty sure, in several weeks time, all the high street fashion houses like Zara, Topshop, Massimo Dutti, etc. will produce something similar at a more reasonable price. High end designers would create the look, these high streets will make way for them to be in your closet at a reasonable price..hehehe..