Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The High Life

I came across a local magazine that i read this month. My sister's fren was featured in that magazine. She was interviewed about her fashion sense and all her most priced fashion merchandise displayed for the world to see. What a fashionista..and all her designer frocks were the envy for most of us..

I sms'ed my sister :

Me : Your fren XXX is featured in XXX magazine this month..ruangan tayang harta.. bersusun lagi all her IT bags and shoes..

Sister : Oh ya, if it means showing off all her hutang to the world.

Me : Why u say so? She's Mr. XXX nye wife kan? Loaded what..

Sister : Yah..tapi rich apa nyer..hutang keliling pinggang laki bini..nak live lavish, man-man lah..ikut kemampuan..jgn sampai meminjam ngn kawan2, hutang tak bayar, tapi handbag bertambah..a millionaire doesnt mean ur rich ok?

Me : Ye ke..thats bad..

Sister : She's trying too hard..kalau ikutkan nafsu jadi camtu lah. semua org nk handbag & kasut best2. tp kalau tak mampu, duk diam je..and be grateful of what u have at the moment. better than nothing..

I believe what my sister said is right. We always want to look good, and feel great. No doubt, what you wear portrays ur personality, taste and status. But is it all worth it? When u have to suffer and start borrowing money here and there to satisfy your material needs? What are you trying to prove? That shows that you're afraid of who you are...

When we look at some1 carrying a bag, or wearing the IT season shoes, how we wish to own them and envious of their affordability. That would be unhealthy. I think off the same way as well, no doubt, a lil jealousy deep inside each and everyone one of us. But to stop you from feeling that way, think of it as being happy for that individual.

He or she must have had work hard. Also, look back at what u have hanging in your wardrobe. Coz when u walk down strutting the streets of KL, there will be those who envy of what u wear and what u own..not many people have the same privilege.

Its a way to be grateful..coz humans are never satisfied with what they have..we always want more and to live the very best in it cars, condos, cell phones, wardrobes, or whatever material things..we do live in a material world..people do take u more seriously when ur in a far better league than others..thats how the world works..but bear in mind, not everything expensive is beautiful and not anything cheap looks lousy..It takes a good eye on taste..You can save or starve yourself if you want..its your rite..but when u start borrowing money from frens, u'll letting the whole world knows ur troubled..for all the wrong reasons..

If u carry yourself well with your intelligance & groom, you'll get all the respect in the dont need a RM2,000 shoe to prove that..