Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Manolo Blahnik For Men

After an absence of seven years on the menswear scene, Manolo Blahnik has created a six-piece collection of men's shoes. He's the maestro for the ladies stilettos and pumps, but from the mens side, he's new collection is pure REAL men nor HOMOs would be seen dead in this 6 piece beginners collection. Here are the first 3 collections. You dont need to see the other 3, it'll give you nightmares..Its like a confused cross dresser.

was he thinking 'straight'?

BUT..not to worry..sometimes things start out rough..till this recent collection or probably somebody knocked him on the head.

These are two of the most attractive paddock boots of the Manolo Blahnik Mens collection.

The Lera Paddock Boots

Well..cant wait to see his collection of mocassins, loafers and dressies. Say your prayers boys.