Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My DVD Nites

I am so far behind on my movie watching. I dont like to go to the movies anyway, i prefer them to be watched at home on DVD's. I find it annoying to go watch a movie when u get stupid people around you who doesnt know how to behave and respect others while watching. Cell phone ringings, talking, smells, or whatever things that happen in the cinema will actually loose my temper and spoil my mood. i've experienced it EVERYTIME i go to the movies. But if it's the Golden Class seats, im in..eventho it cost u almost RM35-RM60 to watch a movie, but i know not many people can afford it, and im strained away from pathetic losers.

I got hold of these 4 pirated DVD's to watch at my home sweet home..

i tested it at home, and tak boleh sakit hati so gonna find that DVD guy at ampang..the rest below are all watchable..hehehe

People who know me knows thats i like to watch movies that dont require my brains to function too much. Im not into serious drama or killing or scifi movies..i like BIMBO..HORROR and stupid fun movies..

I find Bimbo movies are gives u lesson of how to tackle life and to response to a certain situation correctly or shud i say..viciously..say things shown on Ugly Betty..there are many points in there of how to tackle office politics and how to WIN! I know it sounds stupid to some of you, but i dont care! I dont blondycare..